Start your Kiosk in Dubai

How to Set Up Your Kiosk in Dubai?

by Zaara 29, Nov 2023

In a world dominated by big-box retailers, wanting to open an independent retail business probably feels a bit like David battling Goliath. "Why bother?" you think. "I'll only get crushed." 

Dubai is a global city that offers business opportunities for small and medium-sized. The Emirates constructs new sky-high buildings frequently, and it creates sufficient spaces for doing business on a small and large scale for entrepreneurs. The best opportunity for small business people is to open a kiosk in Dubai in different famous malls. 

The kiosk business is retailing merchandising units installed in shopping malls. Hence, the kiosk business is also known as Retail Merchandising Units, Retail Display Stands, and a Shop in Shop. These big malls are present in various parts of Dubai that receive large numbers of customers daily.

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 Different Types of Kiosk Business in Dubai

There are malls owned by multinational brands in several areas. These malls are visited by well-off local Emirati and outsider populations so one can expect huge profits after setting up kiosks in these malls. To set up a kiosk business, you must first obtain a kiosk licence in dubai which is provided by the  Department of Economic Development (DED). Given below is a list of different types of Kiosk businesses. 

  1. Candy and Chocolate Business

Candy and chocolate business shops are kiosk businesses that attract shoppers. Branded and imported chocolates are favorites amongst shoppers.

  1. Beverage Corner

A beverage kiosk is one of the most common and popular kiosks that can be set up which contains a variety of soft drinks, smoothies, fresh juices, etc.

  1. Pastry Business

Who doesn't like a sweet tooth? Pastries are lifesavers when you need a sugar fix. Open a pastry store in the malls in Dubai to get ahead in the business.

  1. Ice Cream Parlor

Ice-cream parlours are one of the most popular stalls that are set up in almost every mall in Dubai and will never go out of demand.

  1. Popcorn Business

Popcorn is the number one selling snack item in malls and theatres in Dubai. You can easily set up this kiosk in Dubai.

  1. Jewellery Business

Jewellery is the best product to start your kiosk business. All it requires is attracting the target audience in a strategic location.

  1. Perfume Business

Perfume kiosks are comparatively unique and are usually placed in high-end malls and complexes.

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How to procure a Kiosk Licence in Dubai 

To proceed with your kiosk business setup in Dubai, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Get an Approval

Get approval from the mall management for setting up your kiosk business. If the management of the mall allows leasing the part of space in their mall. Then they will offer the space for your business at the price of their choice.

  1. Decide on Your Rent

A few international malls may allow you to set up kiosks, but they will charge very high rent to open these kiosks. The management of the mall will charge you according to the space held by the kiosk. 

If your products are suitable for the elite class, then you can expect a good income from a kiosk business in Dubai malls. Other comparatively smaller malls may allow you to set up a kiosk at a low price.

  1. Select Your Kiosk Design in Dubai

Once you have got the approval from the mall authorities and approval from the mall authorities you get to decide what is the design for your Kiosk. Choose a suitable and appealing kiosk design for your business.

  1. Get the Appropriate Licence

Apply for a licence for your kiosk licence in dubai. The Department of Economic Development is the primary authority that will issue you a licence for a kiosk in any mall inside Dubai.

  1. Proceed Carefully with the Business Operations

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a kiosk in Dubai is to compete against big retailers before you're ready. Sometimes, it just seems right to go against the big guys head-on, but it usually isn't a good idea. Instead of letting yourself be crushed by the business giants, why not focus on your edge as a small retailer? You have the upper hand when it comes to personalizing customer interactions and delivering high-value experiences.

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What is a kiosk business?

A kiosk is a tiny, temporary booth used by businesses to vend a service to the customer in an effective mostly self-serviced manner.

What are some of the best kiosk businesses in Dubai?

Snack foods, beverages, art and embroidery etc are some.

Which is the best place in UAE to grow your business through kiosks?

Dubai could be the best destination with so much of tourists and well-developed malls and infrastructure in place.

Do I need approval from the Dubai government to run a kiosk stall in malls?

Yes, you need to get a kiosk license approved by DED.

How much will it cost to set up a kiosk in the mall?

It depends on the activity you choose, the location etc.

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