5 Steps to Focus After Setting up a General Trading Business in Dubai

by Zaara 17, Jul 2019

5 Steps to Focus After Setting up a General Trading Business in Dubai

Dubai is popularly known as the business hub of the United Arab Emirates. Over the last decade, Dubai has immensely grown as a techno place. Around all the Middle East, Dubai has the highest growth in the financial, business and trade sectors.

Due to its high economy rate, there are many evolving entrepreneurs and companies which are taking more interest in the trading sector of the industry. Due to the favourable business environment, the general trading sector is accelerating at a high pace.

Dubai has a massive demand for goods, due to many emerging markets which make it one of the most beautiful locations for setting up a General Trading Business. With the growing number of tourists and visitors, Dubai has an unlimited number of potential clients and customers. This business market gives a great advantage for all the businesses and entrepreneurs to expand their company and engage more clients.

General Trading Business

Dubai has the best strategic location for establishing a general trading business. With its global connectivity of air routes and seaports make it the perfect place to start your business. General trading business gives you access to import, export, or trade goods. If a businessman is looking to start a business having multiple trading activities under the same industry of different, then general trading business covers it all. Dubai gives you options to set up your business either in Mainland or Freezone. 

A general trading business can be set up only after you obtain a general trading license. The general trading license gives you access to all the trading activities. The activities included under general trading license are the trade of goods like clothes, furniture, accessories and electronics etc. All such activities if you want to trade under the same business you should opt for a general trading license.

Although general trading license gives you authority to sell or import various goods, there are certain activities prohibited which we should keep in mind after setting up your general trading business. Trade of products like medicines, guns, cars, beverages, frozen foods, and alcohol, etc, are strictly prohibited.

While setting up a general trading business, you should follow all the procedure and complete all the requisites. A general trading license should be obtained by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

5 Step Guide to Grow your General Trading Business

Setting up a general trading company is entirely secure than to sustain it. You need to get acquainted with the various factors responsible for stabilising your company. To avoid the problems mostly encountered after setting up your company. Following are the five steps you need to focus on to expand your business.

1.Market Research

The first step after setting up your business is an assessment of the market. Market assessment includes studying the market values and needs of the customers. Understanding the market is an essential part of sustaining your business. Research the requirements of the market and research the competitors are two crucial parts of market research.

2.Business Connectivity

Business connectivity plays a crucial role in stabilising your business. After setting up a company enhancing your network is very important. Networking and making tie-ups with other business groups can be beneficial for growing your business. This helps your business to bring in more clients and in return, advertises your brand more.


One of the essential of expanding your business is an advertisement. For attracting more clients and gain recognition, ads are crucial. There are various mediums of advertising your general trading business. Digital advertisements play a vital role, as more people are attracted to digital mediums. Publishing advertisement in a local newspaper or through various leaflets is the best way to advertise a company. Many Informative brochures can be given to people so that they may avail your service quickly.

4.Customer Service

Excellent customer service is all you need to expand your business. To make goodwill and attract more customers, you should provide customer friendly services. Giving customer discounts and various service offers make your clients happy and which may result in strong customer relations. Public relations are significant in any business sector. There is no other way more suitable than customers referring your business to more people, and it is only possible if you make a good relationship with your client.

5.Innovative Steps and Personal Touch

To make your business unique from all the other competitors, you should introduce something creative which will make your business stand out.  The innovative feature of your business will automatically attract more customers. Adding a personal touch is all you need to make your business outshine in the market.

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