5 Steps to Create a Company Brand in Dubai

by Zaara 03, Dec 2018

Dubai has been the Middle East’s business hub. It is the centre of business and commerce, being the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Thus, putting up a business here could prove challenging for an outsider not aware of the business norms and conventions. In the same way, creating a company brand is as crucial as having a business to start.

What branding strategy to employ for your company is an instrumental decision since the economy of Dubai relies significantly on tourism, aviation, trade, financial services and real estate, not to mention the infrastructure aspect of it. Therefore, it is critical to differentiate your brand from existing competitors.

To help you decide how to conceptualize your brand, here are 5 doable steps to creating a company brand that can compete in an economic environment like Dubai’s.

1. Have your brand defined

When you are creating a company brand, the most critical part is how you define your brand. It is about what makes your company “a company”. It includes tangibles and intangibles such logos, tagline, website, your building, employees, and even your core values and principles. Through knowing all these, it will also become apparent to other people who you are as a company and what you can offer to them as customers.

A company with a well-defined brand has the likelihood to succeed in the long run. It is reflective to the people involved; the executives who know very well what the company is all about, the employees and immediate supervisors who are embodying the brand itself, and the customers who are experiencing what was promised by your brand.

2. Know your target market and your competition

In an economic environment where competition is high, such as in Dubai, knowing your target market is essential for creating your brand. In this manner, you will know what marketing strategies to use, and you will be able to determine how you can take advantage of the current competition.

For instance, tourism and aviation in Dubai are working complementarily. If you know that these industries lack formidable competitors, it is your predicament as a businessperson to take advantage of the opportunity. Your market, therefore, are tourists and passengers who will need aviation services, hotel accommodations, and flight bookings.

3. Formulate an effective messaging guide

As part of communicating your brand in different media such as online, tabloids, TV ads, etc., a messaging guide provides its appropriate language. It includes statements, descriptions of products and services, and taglines. One typical example is a statement that highlights the primary goal of your business. On the other hand, product descriptions are seen mostly on print ads and TV ads along with a memorable tagline.

Effectively communicating your brand creates a significant advantage and adds to the success of your business. Also, you will be able to make an impression that your brand is indeed bold and effective as it reached more people through messaging guides.

4. Make a persuasive logo

Logos are the most looked characteristic of a company brand. They are essential since they give your brand an identity. Hence, a strong logo should look attractive from the style, the form, up to the colors used.

Conceptualizing your design should consider knowing the essential elements of logo making. Moreover, there are also tips readily available online on how to create your “design”. It also includes ways on how to market your logos such as brochures and pamphlets and online ads. Considering ShieldCo custom metal signs for placing designs and logos is common these days.

5. Trademark your company brand

Possible inappropriate usage of your brand gives enough reason for you to have a trademark. It will help you avoid copyright issues and plagiarism. Hence, the things you have to safeguard are your logo design, your tagline, and, most importantly, your company name.

By creating a trademark, you will also give an impression of credibility. People will look up to your brand as trustworthy and valuable. Most consumers nowadays are critical thinkers. They often compare you to other competitors. Hence, your trademark is one of the primary considerations.


Dubai is one of the fastest growing economies at present. Investing there might cost millions of dollars. Thus, for investors who only see success, creating a strong company brand is a must. Therefore, following the steps mentioned above can be of great help.

Remember, in an environment where competitors are making their best to survive, a strong brand can help you rise on the trend.