5 Home-Based Business Ideas in the UAE for Women Entrepreneurs

by Zaara 15, Mar 2022

5 Home-Based Business Ideas in the UAE for Women Entrepreneurs

Businesses in Dubai has been flourishing and expanding by leaps and bounds, for over a decade. The city has rapidly achieved its position as the global city that is the first choice for entrepreneurs to launch their dream business. It allows women who want to make money from the comfort of their homes, the possibility to take it one step at a time and continue to fulfil all the other obligations that they are dedicated to.

If you are a female business person who wants to start a home-based business, we present five home-based business ideas that can be successful in the UAE.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best jobs out there because you work when you want, with unlimited earning potential. If you believe you can skill, then go for it. You can achieve your earning goals while you are flexible in hours of work and projects. Join different freelance platforms, search for jobs according to your area of interest, and send proposals on the projects that interest you. Avoid sending proposals more than you can handle.

The UAE provides a freelance license for starting as a freelancer. Obtain the license and start your business.

2. Social Media Influencer

If you feel you spend a lot of time on social media and want to create productivity out of it, you can also become a social media influencer. The rewards can be plentiful, with some of the Emirati influencers reported to earn an average of USD 1,000 to USD 5,000 for a single social media post. The market has grown at such a pace out here that the UAE National Media Council (NMC) recently introduced a specific influencer license.

Become a social media influencer by obtaining an influencer license from the respective government authority.

3. Baking

If you are that baker who is loved by everyone in your family, then it is high time for you to establish your own baking business. You can also create a page on social media, click pictures, making video and post on the profile to create a strong profile for yourself. You can also provide tuitions and became a baking teacher after a point. Baking demands getting food licenses from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

4. Day Care

When both the parents are working in a family, daycare is the only option for them to send their kids. If you are someone who loves to be with small children, then setting up a daycare is one low investment business idea for women.

5. Home-Based Tutoring

Working parents find it hard to teach their kids, and therefore they mostly rely on safe home-based tutors. The home-based tuition classes are the best Low Investment Business Ideas For Women. You can either take classes on your home or the student according to your suitable time with zero investment.

Starting a small business from home is manageable when you work with a respected business formation experts. You can either apply for a freelance license if allowed in your chosen industry or set up a full UAE business. The procedure is similar in both cases.

However, setting up a business in UAE does need a level of prior knowledge of the procedure. What’s more, the process is only simple and easy if your license application is complete at the time of submission and free from errors. To assist you in making sure that this is the case, it’s good to work with a company formation specialist such as Commitbiz.

Right from business incorporation to office space, we cover it all. Get in touch with us today for more information.


1. What is the programme undertaken by the UAE Women Council?

Partnered with the Creative Zone to uplift the female lead start-ups in the UAE.

2. How many entrepreneurs are women in the UAE?

5% of the region’s tech entrepreneurs are women, and women own 49% of all commercial registrations.

3. How many start-ups are governed by the women entrepreneurs in Bahrain?


4. What does the study show about women-led entrepreneurs?

Women-owned businesses have been 1.7 times more productive than male-owned companies.

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