10 Skills to Grow a Successful Startup Business

by Zaara 13, Aug 2020

10 Skills to Grow a Successful Startup Business

Are you fed up with mundane tasks and boring jobs, then don't waste your time waiting for the right time to start a business. Most of the successful entrepreneurs have come out of analytical paralysis and started their business with passion. Decisions based on lifestyle changes are hard to take, but nothing is dissatisfactory than compromising on your dreams and values.  It is important to remember that every big business has started with small things. So don't waste your valuable time.

All you need is an idea and money!

Combination of cash and idea is just a requirement for a startup; having them in hand doesn't lead to a successful business. There are so many companies which have started with brilliant ideas but exterminated in no time. Good examples of failure companies are polaroid, Nokia, Xerox, Kodak, and so on. All these companies have failed due to lack of innovation.

You might have an idea and money to start your own business. But do you have the required skills?

There are a set of business skills which every entrepreneur needs to increase their chances of running a successful startup .  The Good thing about these skills is that they can be learned. An Important thing about any business is that it should match with market dynamics.

Skills to Learn Before Starting a Business

An amalgamation of hard skills and soft skills is a powerful weapon for setting up a business. Hard skills generally refer to the technical skills required to start a business. These skills can be learned or acquired by hiring professionals from the corporate world. Soft skills are developed through personal growth.

1.Marketing Skills

Startup sales are a difficult task to do because building trust is a significant obstacle. An entrepreneur needs to have excellent negotiating skills to get investors and also to increase their sales. You need to understand the market place and analyze the competition in the market.

2.Financial Skills

Cash is the primary thing which can lead to failure or success of a company. We can compare this as if the palace is a business, and cash is the king!!!! Managing cash flow is essential for the smooth working of a company. Financial management skills, such as understanding your accounts, would help in cash management. Accounting services can be obtained with the help of mediators or else they can be outsourced.

3.Leadership Skills

 Leadership means being able to motivate people to do things that they may not want to do and to do so willingly. You need to have great relationships with all the stakeholders in your business to do so. Patience, motivational skills and communication skills help to inspire people and get your things done.

4.Delegate Management

Human resources are essential and expensive sources of any company. It is vital to use these resources effectively. There should be a balance between control and freedom of employees. High level of stress or a low level of stress are signs of poor management. Assigning of work to the right delegates increases the efficiency of the work.

5.Analytical Skills

Advance in technology is demanding entrepreneur to have excellent analytical skills. Time to time analysis of the working of a company will increase the credibility of a business. Along with that, it helps to interpret the health and growth of a business.

6.Strategic Planning

Proper planning reduces the amount of risk. Startup involving a tremendous amount of risk need an appropriate plan. Plan of three to five years has to be made ahead to take strategic decisions. Third parties can do the work of planning for setting up a Business.

Things to Do Before Setting Up a Business

Here are a few steps to follow to set up a venture.

 1. Do Your Research

 2. Make a Plan

 3. Plan Your Finances

 4. Choose a Business Structure

 5. Register Your Business Name

 6. Get Licenses and Permits

 7. Choose Your Accounting System

 8. Set Up Your Business Location

7.Time Management

Time is money for a business person!

Small business owners are probably intimately familiar with the feeling of always juggling endless tasks. Therefore time management is one of the essential skills for a small business owner. Keep yourself focused on those daily jobs that add value to your company. Treat your time as a precious metal. Get your time management skills up to speed, and you will maximize your startup's chances of success. Third parties help in preparing a plan for setting up a business.


Apart from setting up a business, expanding and innovating the business is very important to sustain in the market. Network building is a tool to grow the business.

9.Communication Skills

Communication skills are generally taken for granted, but proper internal, as well as external communication, is essential for the success of a business. Instructions should be clear and concise to the point. Employee understanding should be analysed. The communication to and from your business's stakeholders also needs to be concise and two-way. Ensure that you illustrate your passion and vision for your business at all times. 

10.Content Creation

Content marketing can help in setting up a business with low investment. Content creation with SEO helps in attracting more number of audience to your website and helps to increase the sales volume. You have to integrate the use of content management tools, website data, and social media algorithms to breakthrough your content's performance.

Easy of Doing Business

The Ease of Doing Business index is a ranking system established by the World Bank Group. In the EODB index, 'higher rankings' (a lower numerical value) indicates a better, usually simpler, regulations for businesses and robust protections of property rights

Ease of doing business vs global ranks of top 20 countries

Easy of Doing Business

Above graph depicts ease of doing business of the top 20 countries. New Zealand is ranked 1st, followed by Singapore. Setting up a business becomes effortless if ease of doing business is lower for the country in which you're starting your business

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