Advertising Agency License in Dubai

Dubai has successfully encapsulated attraction of all big and small brands, multinational companies and emerging startups are interested alike in taking their business to new heights under the favourable policies and tax-free jurisdiction of Dubai. An advertising agency is what all these companies require to establish their product or service in the competitive business among their respective target audience. Opening an advertisement agency in Dubai is an undoubtedly an advantageous prospect.

Reason to Start an Advertisement Agency in Dubai

Advertising Agency in Dubai: Services Offered

Witness to the advancement in the advertising and marketing sector in

Dubai is elegant promotions for various businesses.

The KHDA provides for the mediums of promoting advertisements:

  • Print Ads
  • Billboards
  • Radio and television ads
  • Multimedia advertisements
  • Email campaigns

All marketing and advertising companies must adhere to the following requirements imposed by the KHDA in Dubai:

  • must respect the religious beliefs
  • must respect people’s privacy
  • a non-offensive communication
  • must fall under the name of the parent company
  • must carry an impartial operational environment
  • must convey accurate information

A melange of advertising activities is available to be offered through an advertising agency in Dubai. A business is chosen considering the prerequisite and budget.

The three categories mention an advertising activity below:

1. Commercial advertisement

2. Professional advertisement

3. Industrial advertisement

It depends on the company that require advertisement license on which category of advertisement they should approach.

A significant term is not to merge a specific type of activity in a different kind of advertisement license. For example - A commercial activity can’t be added in the same advertising license or can’t be merged into the professional activity or industrial activity into professional advertising license in Dubai.

The Stages of Acquiring an Advertising License in Dubai

For obtaining an advertising or media license in Dubai, involves smooth but time-consuming procedure. Mentioned below are the stages for securing an advertising license in Dubai.

1. Initial Approval Certificate, IAC  

On submitting the relevant documents to the Department of Economic Development DED, Initial Approval Certificate, IAC takes an initial approval by submitting the all relevant documentation including the passport copies and additional required documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED).

2. Trade Name Certificate, TNC

Trade Name Certificate issues trade name reservation and payment, TNC is the second major step in setting advertising business in Dubai.

3. Office Requirement

Once IAC and TNC are ready, the new company name records Office rental contract. Minimum office requirement to set up any license under DED is 200 Sq/Ft. It also depends on activity; some activity needs 500 Sq/Ft. Rent for the office also varies the location or Area.

4. Signature on Memorandum

The documents require Memorandum signature as the last step to acquiring the advertising license in Dubai. This event takes place in the court with all partners.


Approvals Required for Obtaining Advertising License in Dubai

  • Municipality department, chamber of commerce and ministry of Economy takes the first external approval.
  • National Media Council issues an approval and it depends on the activities usually. Approval fee for some activity is between AED 5,000 to AED 10,000. NMC’s invoice records and operations and obtains the final approval fees. It might take 2-3 week usually for getting the approval from the NMC. Depending on an activity, DED and NMC may require some other external approval.
  •  License Issuance
  • After submitting all documents and approvals to the Department of Economic Development (DED) and after the final payment, the license for advertising agency is issued.

Dubai Media City – The Highest Potential for an Advertising agency set up in Dubai

Starting a company in Dubai Media City which specialises free trade zone, addresses the following:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of profits and capital
  • An ideal business environment for all the media players
  • One-stop-shop for various government services
  • Zero personal tax and import duty
  • Zero corporate tax for the next 50 years
  • Cluster working environment enabling media to interact and cooperate

Choosing an appropriate jurisdiction before opening an advertising agency in Dubai is essential. Dubai Media City free zone with a particular economic status will be an ideal option for this type of business.

In addition to the fact that the government of the Emirate Dubai implements a loyal policy towards foreign investors and entrepreneurs, there are ideal conditions for the organisation of the advertising business. The territory of this zone registers companies and agencies, can count on maximum support from the state and offers modern communication facilities and advanced technologies from all over the world.

Opening a company in Dubai Media City means providing your business with additional advantages in the form of customs and tax privileges. If you are willing to elevate your agency in advertising sector of Dubai, contact us at Commitbiz Management Consultancy and on any query regarding advertising business set up in Dubai and let us help you with our years of established expertise in business set up in Dubai.