Trade Name Registration in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has been a prominent place in establishing a venture. The city has it all, right from a state-of-art infrastructure to easy and hassle-free business setup procedure. The government supports its businesses, and barely a week goes by without the announcement or delivery of another ambitious project. Hence, investors and entrepreneurs all around the world are eager to invest in Abu Dhabi.

Starting a business anywhere includes a fine-tuned procedure. The UAE is always trying to make it easier for everyone to start a company in its Emirates. The Ease of Doing Business ranking is essential for every country, and the UAE is not far behind. The steps to set up a company in Abu Dhabi does not include a lot of hassles. But, most of the people choose to appoint a business setup consultant to complete the procedures on their behalf, so that they can concentrate on the operations of the business.

One of the first and foremost step while incorporating a company in Abu Dhabi is registering a business name or a trading name of the business. Without a brand name, there is not the future of the company. The trade name provides an identity to the business. Hence this step has to be completed first before going further into the process.

All about Trade Name Registration in Abu Dhabi

A trade name, as said earlier, provides an identity to the business, but it must be kept in mind that the UAE has some strict naming conventions while choosing a business name. The governing authority that will approve the trade name is the Department of Economic Development (DED) Abu Dhabi. The DED has the right to reject the trade name if it does not comply with all the requirements.

business setup expert will be able to give you chapter and verse on all the naming conventions. One can save a lot of time and effort by running the proposed name past the experts to check whether it passes, and if it doesn’t, they can help one come up with something that does.

Prerequisites for Choosing a Trade Name in Abu Dhabi

A trade name –

  • Has to be unique. It cannot be similar to the name of an already established entity in Abu Dhabi. If a duplicate name is registered, DED will reject it
  • Must not be Abu Dhabi
  • Must not conflict with Islamic or Arabic traditions
  • Must not refer to God or Islam. It means the business owner must ensure that the trade name registration does not contain the name of “Allah” (God) or any other religious names. Trade name registrations affiliated with the ruling authority are also not allowed
  • Should be translated into Arabic
  • Should be indicative of the business activity. The DED ensures that the company name registration in Abu Dhabi must be done in accordance with the commercial activity

Procedure to Register Trade Name in Abu Dhabi

The DED takes care of the application of the trade name in Abu Dhabi. The steps to register a business name in Abu Dhabi includes –

  1. Finalize at least three different names of the business
  2. Search at the official DED Abu Dhabi website to check if the name already exists. If it does, keep looking for other names, if it doesn’t, go ahead with the next step.
  3. Submit an application form to DED, often at the same time as you apply for a trade license
  4. A Trade Name Certificate is valid for 60 days
  5. It can be renewed online only once
  6. It must be renewed within one week before it is due to expire

Documents Required for Trade Name Registration

  • Trade name application form is available at DED offices or online through the Abu Dhabi Business Center at
  • Fees: the cost for obtaining a trade name varies, depending on the content and language of the name (approximately Dhs.1,000)

How can Commitbiz help?

Our experts are well-versed with the legalities of registering a trade name as well as a business in the UAE and can make the process hassle-free. We have 13+ years of experience in this field, so we can completely handle the registration process while you can concentrate on the business. Contact us today to learn more about our services.