Tajer License in Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates investors from all over the world set up their businesses and make their dreams come true. The government’s pro-business initiatives help entrepreneurs in their respective companies. 

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the leading business hubs in the UAE. A week doesn’t go by without the Emirates, launching a new initiative to help start-ups and established businesses. 

Tajer License Abu Dhabi was introduced in the year 2017. Formally known as Abu Dhabi Trader License, Tajer Abu Dhabi allows a business to obtain the trade license without the need to work from a physical location. 

Tajer License is one of the many initiatives taken by the government of Abu Dhabi off late to boost the growth of the local economy and make Abu Dhabi an attractive place to start a business. 

The Tajer Abu Dhabi License

Initially, the license was restricted only to UAE nationals for 100 business activities that did not need a physical presence. But, in 2018, the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) expanded the license package to include all GCC nationals and UAE residents having Residency Visa under three legal forms, which are:

  1. Establishment for Emiratis and GCC nationals.
  2. One-person company for Emiratis and GCC nationals.
  3. Limited Liability Company for residents in partnership with Emiratis.

Expats having UAE residency visas looking for a Tajer license will still have to tie up with a UAE local, similar to forming an LLC company but without any office space. Furthermore, it also raised the number of eligible activities covered by the license to 1057. 

All are relieved from having a physical presence or an office. The license allows the following:

  • Tajer License holders to use the eCommerce mark (e-Tajer) & license serial number while promoting the product.

  • Business persons can add online trade activities to their current licenses or get a new license to conduct business through websites and social media networks.

The Tajer License does not require having a lease contract (Tawtheeq) or the Articles of Association. The license is issued electronically; hence no physical presence is needed. 

The overall government fees to establish the Tajer license are lower than an Establishment / Professional License or an LLC but will vary depending on the activity required. Apart from this, the legal structure accepted under the Tajer Abu Dhabi License includes a One-Person Company for GCC nationals and Emiratis, and a Limited Liability Company for residents in partnership with Emiratis. 

It is important to note that foreign nationals will still need a local sponsor in Abu Dhabi or a company in case of forming an LLC or obtain a National Service Agent (Sponsor) in case of forming an establishment or branch. The idea behind introducing this license was to empower entrepreneurship in the country and has been so far effective in its campaign. 

Tajer Abu Dhabi License Cost

Coming to the fees, the overall government fees to get the Tajer license are lower than any Establishment or Professional License or an LLC but will change depending on the type of business activity you choose.

At this stage, the Tajer License does not allow owners to apply for labor quota, and to visa staff directly, staff can apply for a work permit against the license, but they must have their visa elsewhere. If the Tajer Company wants to visa staff instantly, it must take on office space to apply for the relevant labor quota. 

Who benefits from the Tajer Abu Dhabi License?

The benefits of obtaining a Tajer License are not limited to just one group of individuals. It also includes:

1. Freelancers

Obtaining a Tajer License will allow freelancers to work remotely, work from home, or use co-working or shared space. The License can be converted to an ‘Establishment’ or a full LLC at a later stage if needed by the owner. 

This will allow freelancers to set up in a low-cost way using the Tajer License initially. When the freelancers want to expand the business, employ staff, and take on a physical location, it can progress to a full LLC when commercially viable. 

2. Entrepreneurs/ SMEs

Entrepreneurs and SMEs will also have an advantage from this expansion as it will mean a much lower setup cost without investment in office space. In turn, this will help economic growth in the capital, which is key to the strategic vision. 

Moving into a digital world and ensuring that Abu Dhabi is at the forefront of this movement, the initiative will help to increase the speed of setup and drive cost efficiencies. In essence, the majority of the applications and paperwork will now be through the DED online portal.

The “Golden Package” Abu Dhabi Tajer License

While doing a business setup in Abu Dhabi, the scope of this license was increased because of very high demand. The Golden Package is a new assortment of services that the Abu Dhabi Business Centre of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development. 

This package allows the companies to conduct various commercial activities, six main categories, which are:

  • Service and Operations.
  • Business and Contracting Commerce.
  • Consultancy and Design.
  • Sales and Maintenance.
  • Productive Local Families.
  • Transportation and Management.

This license was so simplified that the concerned government department has to issue 1,800 such licenses in the first six months of commencing such service. This Licence will also help the presence of a business on social media and will help them grow in the market. 

It will help the new companies to acquire licenses and will also provide a one-stop shop for gaining all the required permits and licenses in the country. Such a license will help bring the government and departmental organizations to your side of the court.

This license will allow companies from all over the world to come to UAE and then grow their business and will help the companies to conduct transactions, do import and export businesses, and also will help in opening a bank account in the country. 

Abu Dhabi will obtain huge benefits and will significantly amplify the speed of business incorporation and will also provide various benefits. If you too want to reap the benefits of the Tajer license, do contact our business setup consultancy to get more details on the various services provided by us. 

In case of any query do contact us – we will be happy to help you.


Does the tajer license require having articles of association in Abu Dhabi?


Does an Abu Dhabi tajer license holder require physical office space?


Who all benefitted from holding the Tajer in the Abu Dhabi emirate?

The freelancers and entrepreneurs/ SMEs are benefitted, among others.

What are the six main categories of business activities allowed under the Golden package?

The six main categories are as follows:

  • Service and Operations
  • Business and Contracting Commerce
  • Consultancy and Design
  • Sales and Maintenance
  • Productive Local Families
  • Transportation and Management.

How does this license help companies from all over the world?

This license will allow companies from all over the world to come to UAE and then grow their business and will help the companies to conduct transactions, do import and export businesses, and also will help in opening a bank account in the country.