Our brand positioning strategies help you cut through the clutter, differentiate your brand from others in the competition, and assist your customers in making a favourable choice!

Brand positioning, also known as brand strategy, brand positioning strategy, or a brand positioning statement is all about the perception of the prospect about your brand, which may or may not be very different from its reality. In this highly competitive business scenario, it's very important to create a unique "position" for your product, service or brand, after assessing your and competitors' strengths and weaknesses.

Vast domain expertise and marketing experience helps us create a brand image for our clients that instantly make an impression, and defines who they are in a straightforward yet convincing manner. We believe in focused positioning, as we know that brands which don't stand for something clearly identifiable and try to attract one and all end up losing their power. Whether you want to portray yourself as reliable, cost-effective, luxury, safe, popular, local or multinational brand, we have the expertise to assist you with all brand development related requirements.

Integrating Positioning with Your Overall Branding Strategy

Our brand management and brand development strategy is inclusive, as we believe that the best way to position your brand and create an indelible impression on your customer's minds is by starting from within your business. While positioning your corporate branding, we stress on getting answer to the following three questions – what result does your brand provide, to whom does it concern, and how can you prove that your brand is better than the competitors.

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Our brand positioning services involve:

  1. Creating a Value Proposition for the Brand – We create a value proportion for your brand that is highly valued by the targeted clients irrespective of the existing competition. Its significance extends beyond delivering services or offering functional benefits to the clients.
  2. Defining the 'Right' Target Audience – We take the route less travelled while zeroing in on the targeted customers, as we understand that not everyone will fit. While selecting the prospects, we check their ability to appreciate the value offered by the brand rather than its price, trust the expertise of service provider and possess the financial resources to engage.
  3. Providing the Proof of Expertise – You need to back the promise you have made to the customer by creating a brand that substantiates its claims, differentiates itself from the peers, and offers specialized services that resonates with the value proposition offered. We help our global clients achieve that.
  4. Creating a Brand Positioning Statement – People often confuse brand positioning statements with taglines or slogans. Positioning statements influence the business decisions concerning marketing and operations, are meant for internal use, and affect how consumers perceive your brand. We create thoughtful brand positioning statements that clearly describe your target customer, brand promise, industries you serve, and also mention the reason why consumers should believe in your brand.
  5. Developing Taglines – We know how to use tagline as a powerful arsenal in your marketing efforts. We derive meaningful insights out of your positioning statement and turn it into a tagline.
  6. Repositioning Positioning – As a core promise of positioning, marketers claim that they can position a brand the way they want in the customer’s mind, which is far from true; as each customer forms an idea of what you are after getting first-hand experience. We carefully choose your brand positioning statement and the tagline after understanding how you want to be portrayed, and what you actually are

7-Step Process for Brand Positioning Strategy

In order to create a perfect positioning strategy for your brand, we follow a seven-step process that aims at identifying the reason for your brand's uniqueness, and what differentiates it from the competition -

  1. Determining the current positioning of your brand
  2. Identifying key competitors
  3. Understanding the brand positioning of your competitors
  4. Identifying your uniqueness by comparing your brand's positioning with the competitors brand
  5. Developing a unique idea that promises significant value proposition
  6. Creating a brand positioning statement
  7. Testing the effectiveness of the positioning statement

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We are one of the leading business setup and marketing companies headquartered in Dubai, offering brand positioning services in United Arab Emirates (UAE), India, London, and different parts of the world. We have the expertise in creating a well-crafted brand positioning strategy that maximizes brand relevancy and value, and improves its competitive advantage. Our services ensure that your brand is –

  • Able to withstand competitors' counterattacks (if any)
  • Believable and credible
  • Consistent in all areas of your business
  • Differentiated
  • Enables growth
  • Focused on your core competencies

Our dedicated team ensures that your brand is positioned as credible, relevant, and unique, and delivers on all three counts. Contact us today, if you aim to target niche audience, improve brand positioning, and gain customers’ trust.

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