Spa License in Dubai

Dubai is among the few cities of the world where one can witness an incredibly high standard of living. The corporate lifestyle includes attending business meetings, parties, always networking with the global crowd and addressing international market. With this, the people of Dubai and even the people representing foreign entities prefer to look their best. The high standard of living becomes an apparent reason for the success of the spa business in Dubai. For opening a spa business in Dubai, this article addresses the concerns of obtaining spa license in Dubai, types of spa license in Dubai, cost of opening a spa in Dubai and how to start a business in Dubai.

The visualisation certainly imparts the value if securing a spa license in Dubai. Currently, several spa licenses in Dubai are functioning in various parts of Dubai, and yet there is a vast scope of setting a spa business in Dubai. With several tourists, business activists and residents opting for a carefree spa service, obtaining spa license to start a spa and beauty business in Dubai is highly beneficial.

How to open a Spa Business in Dubai?

The authorities of the Department of Economic Development and Dubai Municipality enquire on the set up of a Spa or Salon in Dubai.

The procedure of opening a spa and securing a spa license in Dubai:

1. Submit copies of passport and visa of business partners

2. Explicit initial approval from DED upon choosing a name for your spa business

3. Draft and sign the Memorandum of Association with local service agent for your spa business

4. Sign a rental agreement and get tenancy contract for the spa establishment space

5. Obtain approval from the planning section and health & safety division of the DM (Dubai Municipality)

6. Submit all the above documents to the DED for the final approval for setting up Spa in Dubai

The Guidelines for Opening a Spa in Dubai

The planning department of Dubai Municipality approves the spa site based on the following aspects.

  • The mandatory placing of a signboard in front of the spa.
  • Appropriate lighting to be used for spa facility
  • Height of the spa space is supposed to be more than 2.30 metres
  • A separate area assigned for beauty treatments involving hygiene concerns comprising of area of more than 2.50m x 1.50m including appropriate partition
  • There should be a wash basin beside the facial treatments zone
  • Placement of fireproof materials for hair removing services
  • A water heater installation is must in place
  • Furnishing should include cupboards and drawers for cosmetics, towels, electronics

It is possible to start a spa in Dubai either in the mainland or free zones. Although, it is more suitable to open a spa in Dubai mainland. This degree of services is beneficial to be set up in populated areas. Therefore, choosing to set up the spa business in Dubai mainland; where a spa can easily attract several prospects looking for spa services.

One can also decide on the size and type of spa according to the area; where you are going to open your business. You can have a small salon and spa in Dubai, or you can go for a luxurious and high-cost salon set up in Dubai in areas like Jumeirah.

Cost of Opening a Spa in Dubai

The price of opening a ladies salon and spa in Dubai is in between 1000 AED to 5000 AED. The cost varies depending upon the scale of the spa business.

Types of Spa in Dubai

Range of services

Affirm on the requirement of typical urban spa or the spa will be providing additional beauty services. Next, decide on your target demographic category

Spa Business Options

Spa can be started from scratch, or you wish to buy a spa franchise or purchasing a pre-functioning spa. After that, conclude the legal structure – whether you are interested in owning it or become a partner in the business.

License and Permits

No objection certificate and other such essential certifications required for running a wholly authorised business. The grant, permits, insurance to be in place from respective authorities for the smooth functioning of your spa business.


Depending on the jurisdiction and type of spa an estimation can be forged regarding the required funds for your spa business and its returns in a specific period.

Location Hunting

Choosing a strategic location is the most challenging and effort while for setting up a spa in Dubai.

Why Commitbiz?

Commitbiz provides expert business solutions for setting up a business in Dubai across any sector. Setting up a spa in Dubai is a promising venture though you may require our analysis on how to strategically set up shop in Dubai to maximise the scope of profitability. Feel free to contact us in regards with any query on obtaining spa license in Dubai; we would be happy to answer you.