Food & Beverage Industry

Over the past few years, the love and craze for food have increased to a significant extent on the global front. When it comes to business incorporation, the United Arab Emirates grabs the first place in the minds of investors and business owners. 

This guide is for passionate individuals who hold the mindset of dreaming big and is looking forward to investing or starting a business in the food and beverage industry in Dubai. If you own the same zeal, then continue to the next paragraph.

Food and Beverage Companies in Dubai

There are multiple reasons to invest in the food and beverage industry. If we consider it at a global level, the United Arab Emirates is one of the top largest markets in terms of consumer spending on eating habits. 

The Average Annual Growth from the period of 2017 to 2026 is estimated at 7.3%. The consumer spending has been gradually increasing and is expected to grow at an exponential rate by 2026. 

Even the market of UAE is one of the most lucrative markets when it comes to consumer spending. 

Food Business Options in Dubai

Some of the highly availed business options are highlighted below, and the requirements should be met for every category. For example, if you decide to set up a food truck, then you need to obtain a food truck license in Dubai.

  • Restaurants, Hotels, and Café
  • Canteens in schools and hospitals
  • Bakeries
  • Butcheries
  • Food Truck
  • Food Catering Units
  • Food Factories and Warehouses
  • Food Packing Material Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Alternatively, if you want to deal with packaged foods, you need to get it registered. 

Options for Food Manufacturing Companies in Dubai

When it comes to the food manufacturing business, the business owners and investors have got the flexibility to choose from any of the following categories:

  • Natural (Organic) Food Manufacturing (Activity Code: 1549-15)
  • Baby Food Manufacturing (Activity Code: 1549-10)
  • Cereal Food Manufacturing (Activity Code: 1531-03)
  • Flavors and Fragrances Manufacturing (Activity Code: 1549-02)
  • Ice Manufacturing (Activity Code: 1511-05)
  • Poultry Products Manufacturing (Activity Code: 1511-04)
  • Meat Products Manufacturing (Activity Code: 2022-02)
  • Lime Manufacturing (Activity Code: 2699-02).

Before you proceed ahead towards the manufacturing activity, there are absolute essentials to be met as per the guidelines of the Dubai Municipality.

Essential Requirements to be Met

  • Dedicated Construction Plans
  • Proper Lighting and Ventilation Requirements
  • Adequate Plumbing and Sewage Disposal System
  • Required equipment for Food Manufacturing.

Drivers of the Beverage and Food Industries in Dubai

The below-mentioned points stand as the core drivers that has thrived the food and beverage industry for business setup in Dubai to the next extent.

Global Tourism Hub

Dubai has changed over the past few decades in terms of being an oil-fuelled economy to now a melting pot of global cultures in the middle east. Expatriates from all over the world visit Dubai for business and pleasure; some even settle down there for good. 

This has led to a multicultural mix of the population. In view of such a diverse gentry, the demand for world cuisines has gone up. 

World Famous Restaurants

From authentic Indian fare to Indonesian cuisine to straight from the Emirate kitchens, there is something for every foodie in Dubai. Street food is especially famous for being delectable, affordable, and easily available. 

Free Zones for Business Setup

These free zones offer benefits to foreign investors in terms of relaxed policies on customs and taxes.
For example, in a free zone, there are minimal to no taxes, there is 0% corporate tax, 0% income tax, and no customs duties. 

State of the Art Infrastructure

In Dubai, you need not worry about the infrastructural requirements; the emirate is at par with global standards in infrastructure, modern amenities, and architecture. To visitors, food and shopping go hand in hand, and to support that are the world-famous malls in Dubai. 

Easy Licensing Procedures

While business setup conditions are favorable, it goes without saying the government of UAE is looking out for foreigners who want to invest in UAE. A testament to this fact is the easy business registration and licensing procedures. 

There are benefits associated with each, like food trading, manufacturing, supplying, and restaurant or cafeteria setup. You must decide which suits your business plan best, and you can also go ahead with the restaurant license in Dubai for your dream company. 

Focussed Areas for Food Trading Companies in Dubai

When it comes to food trading, you have a wide range of selections regarding the products that you can initiate your business operations. Some of the core-focused areas are stated below:

Food Trading Business Areas in Dubai
Ice Mineral Water
Fruits and Vegetables Snack
Flour Egg
Ghee Vegetable Oil
Spices Soft Drinks and Carbonated Water
Cereals Grains

How to Start Your Business of Food Trading in Dubai?

To initiate the process of food trading business in Dubai, you need to follow specific steps in sequential order, as stated below:

1. Decide the Trade Name and Get the Initial Approval from DED

Now, when it comes to naming, there are specific rules stated by the Government of Emirates, which you need to adhere to. In case if the name is not suitable, the Department of Economic Development (DED) has the full right to cancel the trade name approval. 

2. Draft the Documents and Get Them Signed by Dubai Notary Public

The Memorandum and Articles of Association (MOA & AOA) stand as one of the crucial business documents that need to be presented to complete the company incorporation process in Dubai. Once drafted, they need to get signed by Dubai Notary Public.

3. Get Your Physical Space

Next, you also need to make sure about the physical space of your business. Selection of the physical space turns out to be an essential step when it comes to getting involved in the business process. 

Once you obtain an office or warehouse on rent, you need to get the tenancy contract with Ejari.

4. Submit the Documents to DED and Avail of the Payment Voucher

The complete set of documents needs to be submitted to the DED after the complete attestation. Make sure to obtain the payment voucher from the DED.

5. Submit the Documents from Dubai Municipality-Food Control Section

While you deal with the food trading business, you need to obtain approval from the Dubai Municipality, for which you need to present the complete set of documents for approval.

6. Obtain the License

Once you obtain the required business license, you can carry out the proper business operations. The licensing act as a legal permit that gives you a green signal to go ahead and carry out the business operations. 

Right from the incorporation process to the building of core pillars like finding an office space for rent in Dubai, accounting, taxation, product marketing, and legal proceedings, we take care of all your business needs. If you are looking forward to setting up your company in Dubai, do have a word with our experts and contact us today.