Fitness Industry in Dubai

All around the world, people are now more conscious of their way of living and want to follow a healthier lifestyle. This concept of keeping fit has taken the world by storm, and the fitness industry in Dubai is becoming one of the most profitable industries in the UAE. 

The aim of this industry is to reach a minimum of $105 billion by the year 2025. This huge demand has led to new opportunities in the field of personal fitness and also provides vast scope for the fitness equipment industry.

As we all know that the United Arab Emirates has one of the most open and diversified economies, which will provide a massive boost to the fitness industry in the Middle East.

Advantages of the Dubai Fitness Industry 

Some of the significant advantages of setting up a fitness business setup in Dubai are:

1. Growing Demand of the Industry

The increasing awareness of people all around the world has made the Fitness Industry a very lucrative and beneficial business to pursue in the UAE. A substantial number of people are trying to make their lifestyle healthy as they have now understood the benefits of taking care of one's health.    

2. Varied Range of Options for Developing a Business

There is a range of setup options present to a businessman in the UAE. One can either take up a franchise of a business, partner with any other company in the industry, or start very own business.

The type of business structure should be chosen depending on the business requirements and the activity which is performed.

3. Target Audience

Fitness is required by everyone, no matter the job he or she is performing. Physical and Mental fitness is essential for children as well as adults. This means that there is an enormous target market for the industry.

5. A Sure-Fire Revenue

In most businesses, the management will receive revenue every year, but this is not the case with the fitness industry. A person needs to pay the respective fees every month, irrespective of whether the person is availing of the services or not. 

This guarantees a constant source of revenue for the business.

6. Flexible Size

A business is set up with the intention of growing it further. A fitness business requires comparatively fewer resources to expand further, and when needed, this business can be very easily expanded in terms of services being provided or in the size of the company. 

7. Strong and Growing Industry

Fitness of a person is paramount, no matter the situation of the time.  In specific industries, there is a rise and fall of the business depending upon the economy of the country. 

Over the past couple of decades, there has been a rise in the number of people who are purchasing fitness club memberships, and it is expected that this trend will continue further.

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National Strategy for Well-being - 2031

The National Strategy for Well-being 2031 is a strategy that has been adopted by the UAE cabinet, which is chaired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. This strategy aims at making the United Arab Emirates a world leader in the quality of life of its resident and also focuses on the well-being of the people of the country.

After reviewing the report, the committee will suggest training programs that will further help people to live healthy lives. The National Well-being Strategy, 2031 of UAE will work both on the national level and also on the community level. 

On the federal level, the strategy will ensure that there is an economy that is prosperous and the government works at its effective and efficient levels. With the help of this strategy, the people of the nation will be in a better shape which will allow them to work more effectively and profitably and also help in the reduction of the total amount of resources used by a company.

On a community level, the strategy will promote a cooperative community and positive values in the country. The approach will help in creating positive environments for work and education, empower individuals and provide them with opportunities for growth and development, and focus on building secure, meaningful, positive digital communities.

And most importantly, the National Well-being Strategy of 2031 will promote a healthy and active lifestyle, good mental health, positive thinking, and useful life skills.

Business Opportunities in the Fitness Industry in Dubai

There is an increasing number of opportunities in the fitness sector as there is an increased demand for high-end gyms which provide professional facilities. Apart from gyms, there is an increasing demand for complementary services such as gym equipment, nutritionists, fitness spas, health clubs, and any other business related to fitness and the well-being of people.

The cardio training fitness equipment segment is a leading constituent of the overall UAE fitness equipment market share. The majority of the gyms and health clubs are present in the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but the rest of the emirates are also catching up with them. 

The gyms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi bring in most of the revenue, and this revenue is expected to increase in the coming years. There is also an increased demand for Boutique fitness studios, healthy eateries, and the spa industry. 

The reason for a greater interest in these fitness entities is the gradually decreasing cost of the sessions and the increasing disposable income of the people. People are also now more conscious about their health and want to live healthy lives.

One of the latest additions to business opportunities is the use of apps and wearables. The usage of these apps and wearables is gradually increasing, and now, more and more people are using these to stay fit and in shape.

How to Set Up Fitness Companies in Dubai?

As there are several advantages to starting a business in the UAE, the steps mentioned below should be followed to invest in the fitness industry in Dubai and set up your company.

  1. Decide on a Business Name

Choose a trading name adhering to government guidelines.

  2. Finalize a Location

Select a location depending on your business requirements.

  3. Pay the Fees

Make the payment to obtain the license.

  4. Obtain a License

Submit the essential documents to obtain your license and start your business hassle-free.

If you are planning to step ahead and set up your company in UAE, do contact us today-we'd be glad to assist.