How to Start an Advertising Agency in the Dubai?

Each business, regardless of the field in which it operates, should concentrate on the possibilities of promoting the business activities. There are many cases in which the marketing strategies and the advertising methods are made with the company’s resources. Advertising a product or service of the company is helpful to obtain the desired attention and reach as many audiences as possible.

To set up an advertising agency in Dubai, the company must comply with the Advertising Standards published in the UAE official gazette. These standards are issued by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai and require that all marketing agencies file their advertisements with the Regulations and Compliance Commission with the Authority.

Activities allowed under Advertising in Dubai

The KHDA provides the under-mentioned means for promoting advertisements –

  • Billboards
  • Printed advertisement
  • Radio and Television ads
  • Email
  • Multimedia ads
  • Posters

Before you set up an advertising agency in the UAE, KHDA provides certain conditions to be followed by the advertiser.

  • They must show respect for religious beliefs
  • They must respect the privacy of people
  • They must not be offensive
  • They must be impartial
  • They must present accurate information
  • They must include the name of the creative agency

Procedure to Set up an Advertising Business in Dubai

The steps to followed to register an advertising business in Dubai  –

  1. Get Initial Approval

Fill an application form and get initial approval from the Department of Economic Development

  2. Select the Business Activity

Mention the activities the company is performing under advertising to get the advertising license and also, choose the business structure.

  3. Trade Name Registration

Register a trading name of your agency. Choose three trade names for your business before proceeding to register. Make sure the trade name rules are followed.

  4. Documentation

Apply and submit the necessary documents to register the business

  5. Business Incorporation

After you get all the documents and approvals, it will the to DED, and you will get a license and business incorporation certificate after the final payment

Procedure to Obtain the Advertising License in Dubai

To set up an advertising business, one needs to obtain a license first. The process is smooth and straightforward.

  1. Obtain the Certificate of Initial Approval. This can be obtained by submitting the relevant documents like a copy of passport and ID to the Department of Economic Development.

  2. Get an Office on Rent/Lease. The minimum office requirement to set up any license under DED is 200 Sq. /Ft. It also depends on the activity; some activity needs 500 Sq./Ft. Rent for the office also varies in the location or Area

  3. Sign the Memorandum of Association with all the partners present at the court.

  4. The approvals for getting an advertisement license must be taken from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Emirati Municipality, National Media Council, the Department of Economic Development.

Once you obtain the license, you can officially start your advertising activities in Dubai.

Dubai Media City Free Zone

Dubai Media City free zone was established in the year 2001 of January as the region’s leading media hub. The free zone encompasses a media community of over 20,000 people working in over 2,000 regional and international media companies that are pushing the limits of creativity every day. 

After the launch of DMC, the free zone has developed quickly as a worldwide media centre. It is now a leading free zone committed to the facilitation and promotion of the media and advertising industries of the Middle East. It provides these industries with a business environment that enables industry players to network, collaborates, and operate freely with other companies through the entire value chain while taking the benefits provided by free zones.

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