PRO Services in Abu Dhabi

The company setup in Abu Dhabi has numerous predefined processes, formalities, and phases. These programs play a significant role in the formation of businesses. Commitbiz offers effective third-party PRO services to a wide range of Multinational and small business enterprises across the UAE.

What Are Pro Services?

PRO services are skilled document clearance services. These documents are from the government and the ministry that are essential for the business setup in UAE. It can be a time-consuming job for a business organization to manage all of the application processing and documentation. On the other hand, the most critical role in  company incorporation is this. It can be difficult for business owners to manage all specifications correctly in the required timelines. Like all Abu Dhabi businesses, government liaison officer (PRO) services are necessary to form a company. PRO services are used when you are inexperienced with all the existing criteria for the economic state and government requirements.

We at Commitbiz provide efficient and cost-effective services for small and medium-sized enterprises and MNEs. 

We have built a strong relationship with the key Government bodies through our experience, enabling us to provide our clients with an active process. 

Our experts will be sitting with you and addressing all your needs and demands. Afterward, we will give you the best bespoke plan that specifies your requirements. This allows minimum extraneous expenses and maximizes your resources.

Different Pro Services in Abu Dhabi

All Abu Dhabi businesses require the services of a Government Liaison Officer (PRO) for their visa and company requirements. Commitbiz offers these services efficiently and competitively. Below are some of the areas we can assist you in some of the processes mentioned below.

  • Company setup
  • Trademark / Copyright Registration
  • Company Liquidation / De-Registration of Companies
  • Corporate Bank Account Opening
  • Partner / Investor Visa Processing
  • Visa Cancellation and Visa Renewal
  • Family Visa Sponsorship
  • VIP Medical Chaperoned Services
  • Emirates ID Service
  • Establishment Card Processing
  • MOL Card Processing
  • Government Approvals & NOC's from Government Ministries
  • Legal Translation Services
  • Legal Attestation of Corporate Documents at the Court / Public Notary

and many more.

Benefits of Pro Services

PRO services in Abu Dhabi look to offer numerous advantages for any individual in starting a new life or starting a business in UAE. With an abundance of PRO services in Abu Dhabi also capable of accommodating your needs wherever you are in the Abu Dhabi or UAE, you can have yourself enjoying these benefits:


As a foreigner, you may face problems in identifying and dealing with local laws and documenting your papers properly. The UAE has very stringent policies that can appear very unfair to the country's ex-pats. 

Hiring PRO services will, therefore, benefit you most, 

particularly about PRO Visa services in Dubai. 


Obtaining a local PRO company to assist in starting a company in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere in UAE would undoubtedly enable you to minimize the time taken to start a business. In using PRO services, the processes of your company formation will be simplified progressively so that you can concentrate in the meantime on other operating procedures of the business.

●Expenses And Longevity

Without PRO services, you'll look at budget deficits that might eat more of your budget than you'd expected. Getting a reliable PRO partner would provide you with practical guidance about how to use your tools in the early stages if you are trying to reduce the losses. By having a trusted PRO provider assisting you, your business and personal stay in the country will be safeguarded in the long-run.

Why Commitbiz?

  • We provide you a trained and skilled team of UAE professionals to manage and handle all your paperwork and expenses without any hassle.
  • Our helping hand allows you to save time and effort to focus on your core business to enhance your profitability and productivity.
  • We provide you with the timely reports and reminders needed to avoid any delays, missed deadlines, or ends.
  • We help you navigate the linguistic and cultural barriers when establishing a business in a foreign country.

Take advantage of the time, money, and effort saved in research and paperwork by letting us help you every step of the way. Experts at commitbiz have more than 15 years of experience in the business market. We provide our customers with the best quality professional services without the hassle of establishing a company in Abu Dhabi. Feel free to contact us.