Pharmacy License in Dubai

Dubai, for a long time, has been an ultimate hub for almost all types of businesses. The government’s attention towards making Dubai a pro-business hub has been successful as it has kept on attracting investors and business entrepreneurs from all around the world and from different industries. Apart from industries like tourism and hospitality, the country stores great potential to flourish businesses of all kinds of healthcare. It is one of the currently growing industries in the UAE, one of the reasons why pharmacy business formation are encouraged in the city.

The healthcare sector in Dubai falls under the regulations of the Ministry of Health which issues the licenses and all the registration books and controlled medication prescription pads for pharmacists. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) was established in the year 2007 and its main aim is to promote healthcare investments for foreign investors in Dubai and provide comprehensive regulatory system for those setting up pharmacies or other types of health facilities in the Emirate.

Procedure to Obtain Pharmacy License in Dubai

To get your pharmacist license in the UAE you need to complete 2 important steps, those are

  1. Registering of License
  2. Issuance of License

The Dubai Health Authority has set in place a comprehensive  regulatory system which must be followed by those looking to set up a  pharmaceutical company in Dubai.

1. Registering of Pharmacy License in Dubai

Here are the steps that you need to follow to obtain the pharmacy license in Dubai.

1. Fill the application form to get the license and submit it to the Health Regulation Department (HRD). The application includes,

  • Submission of the new health facility licensure application form through the HRD e-licensing service
  • The proposed general location with land plot number
  • Schematic Design (SD) showing the proposed floor layouts with each room numbered and labeled and a general cross section of the structure

2. After receiving the applicant’s form, the HRD will conduct a detailed review of the submitted material to determine suitability for further processing

3. After which you will get an initial approval from HRD

4. This letter will be required to complete the pharmacy’s licensing procedures pertaining to issuing of the trade license by local authorities such as the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai or equivalent licensing bodies (i.e. free zones authorities)

5. In case of rejection of the application, a detailed list of deficiencies will be provided for corrective action and the applicant is required to re-submit the application with applicable fees

2. Issuance of Pharmacy License in Dubai

Here are the steps you need to know about issuance of pharmacy license after the registration procedure.

1. The owner has to submit an online request for final inspection through the e-licensing system of HRD, upon which an onsite pre-optional assessment will be conducted

2. The owner need to meet the following requirement to get the license approved,

  • Appoint a Pharmacist in-charge to supervise the pharmacy. Remember that pharmacists qualifications must be met according to the requirements provided by DHA
  • Employ a sufficient number of DHA licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.
  • Provide suitable infrastructure as per the DHA design requirements and according to the services provided by the pharmacy

3. After the onsite assessment and meeting the DHA requirements, the HRD will issue the license

4. The pharmacy license is valid for one year

The Dubai Health Authority issues a few requirements that you must be aware of while setting up your Pharmacy Business in Dubai.

  • The license shall state the name and address of the pharmacy, the DED license number, the period of licensure validity
  • The DHA pharmacy license shall be clearly posted in the facility
  • The pharmacy shall clearly display the hours of operation of the facility as well
  • If you are renting a place for pharmacy business, then the total area should not be less than 30 sq. meters
  • If you are operating in the mainland, a local UAE sponsor is required to get a trade license for your business, apart from the DHA license

Renewal of Pharmacy License in Dubai

The steps for renewal of pharmacy license are as follows

1. An application for renewal must be submitted via e-licensing system called ‘Sheryan’ up to 90 days prior to expiration of the license         

2. The license must conform to all renewal requirements

3. Upon failure of renewing the license shall result in expiration of the current license on its last effective date. And in such case, the pharmacy will end up with financial penalties

4. DHA Pharmacy license will be renewed for a period of one year after fulfilling the HRD requirements for re-licensure assessment

5. If the pharmacy license is not renewed for six months, the license will be considered as null and void

Documents Required to Obtain Pharmacy License in Dubai

  • Duly filled application form
  • Preliminary approval for pharmacy premises along with tenancy contract
  • Blueprints of location with certified architectural planning
  • Copy of passport, location license, and pharmaceutical license
  • Certificates and list of all employees in your pharmacy business

When planning to establish a pharmacy, it is important to note the ownership restrictions to avoid sanctions and violations. In most jurisdictions, a case can be made for exceeding the number of licences held by one person, however, it is more difficult to receive an exception to the local ownership restrictions. It is better to take help from a business consultant who is well aware of the legal requirements in the area. We at Commitbiz can help you in not just getting your pharmacy license but also establishing a pharmacy business in Dubai. Do contact us today- we’d be glad to assist you.