PPC Services

Streamline your internet marketing efforts with effective PPC management, and get more ROI for each click you have paid for!

In an age where people use the internet to buy and sell products and services online, it's not surprising that Search Engine Marketing has become a multi-billion industry. A majority of the consumers these days browse through the products and services they want to avail and make a decision based on the top search results, which are considered to be the most accurate and reliable. Therefore, there is a race for higher visibility and prominence in the search results, as each business wants a slice of the premium online space and outshine their competitors.

However with millions of existing websites, and a lot more adding to the list each day, all fighting for that top spot in the search engine rankings, this is no mean task to achieve. And this is where PPC Advertising or PPC comes into the picture!

If you have ever seen advertisements on Google and other search engines alongside the search results then you already know what PPC advertising or pay-per-click advertising is! PPC is a paid search engine marketing model that helps advertisers display ads for their products or services in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and grab user's attention.

PPC Campaign Management We Undertake

We are a leading Search Engine Marketing Company, having vast expertise in PPC Campaign Management. We understand that companies spend thousands of dollars in paying for non-conventional clicks. Therefore, our entire PPC campaigns are designed to achieve the best results by spending minimum Pay-Per-Click amount.

Being an experienced PPC company, we pay minute attention to granular details of PPC management, and seek following insights while offering PPC Services –

  • Ad text and landing pages
  • Bid optimization suggestions
  • Conversions
  • Information regarding Ad performance
  • Negative keywords that can save you money
  • Top-performing search terms, long-tail keywords, and keyword that can be grouped

Our Comprehensive PPC Services

Being a reliable search engine marketing agency, our topmost priority is to ensure fruitful pay per click campaign. Therefore, before commencing any PPC campaign, we first analyze your website to determine whether SEO or PPC suits best for your internet marketing efforts. We follow a streamlined PPC campaign management process while offering the following services:

  • Creating a PPC Strategy, by doing market research to understand your business USPs, needs of your existing and targeted clients, and competition
  • Keyword Research, based on keyword relevancy, volume, conversion, business value, traffic and bid to achieve the greatest possible PPC value
  • New Account & Campaign Creation, on Google, Bing, etc. to spearhead your PPC campaign from scratch, and ensure that you own your accounts
  • Landing Page Optimization, to create customized landing pages for targeted visitors with a strong call to action, to ensure better conversions
  • Ad text Optimization (ATO), using Ad Extensions to transform your ad text so that it pays dividends
  • Tracking and A/B Testing to maximize the performance of the PPC campaign and improve its overall cost per click score. This is done by doing a split test for ads and creating ads that trigger clicks
  • PPC Optimisation, as we know that a slightly lower CPC on the keyword and a slightly higher click-through rate can make all the difference to your PPC campaign
  • Creating Insightful Reports to better understand the performance metrics

Additionally, being an established PPC management company we also offer extensive PPC Audits, remarketing, etc. for our clients, and overhaul their entire PPC campaign for Google AdWords, Yahoo! Overture, and Bing among others. We also offer following paid listings–

  • Local search ads
  • Paid inclusions
  • Paid placement
  • Product listing ads
  • Shopping search
  • Video search ads

Leverage the Advantages of Effective PPC Advertising

We are a leading search engine marketing firm offering affordable search engine optimization solutions for all types of businesses in UAE, India, UK, and other parts of the globe. Our team of SEO experts knows how to tailor-make the PPC campaigns in tune with your brand, and create a PPC strategy that targets the desired audience and bring in the results.

To avail customized search engine optimization pricing plans as per your specialized needs, contact our team. Allow us to drive your search engine marketing strategy and PPC campaigns and experience the difference it makes to your marketing efforts!