Incorporated your company in the UAE, but struggling with getting a business bank account?

Reasons Why It’s Difficult to Open a Business Bank Account in Dubai



In light of strict due diligence and dictums by the central bank, all UAE banks are forced to be cautious with new accounts. Owing to the corrective operational burden in case of a default, banks would prefer to avoid approving a less-than-optimal case than deal with any possible consequences later.



Before opening an account for a business, banks check for its economic foundation and trustability - and this can often be hard to define. And although factors such as company vintage, business plan, financial documents, physical office space and residence visa help, whether you’d be able to open a bank account ultimately boils down to how the respective bank perceives you.



An account might get rejected because of potential high risk. For an Emirati bank, reputation is of prime importance; and associating with dubious companies, customers or transactions can lead to stern fines, or even withdrawal of license, which may put the entire bank’s business at risk.

What You Can Do

Although opening your corporate bank account in Dubai can be tough, it is very much feasible. Following these simple tips will greatly increase your chances.

Obtain a physical address for your company

Get a UAE residence visa for the signatories

Don’t transact with sanctioned/high-risk countries

Present a robust business background and thorough business plan

Develop a landing page or website for your business

Avoid high-risk activities

In short, anything that builds your credibility in the eyes of the bank increases your chances of opening a corporate account there.

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Still Stuck

Still Stuck?

Chances are you’ve missed some minor clause, internal requirement or compliance checkbox that the bank would’ve preferred.

Fret not! We’ve got your back.
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