License to Start a Nursery in Dubai

The growth of business entities in Dubai has proportionally increased the number of ex-pats in the nation. Whether for business owners, entrepreneurs, or newbies hunting for jobs, it has a specialized domain.

Business entities demand well-trained, and experienced professionals to carry out specific responsibilities. At the same time, it becomes way tiring for employees who need to devote time to their children.

The work pressure restricts them from grooming their kids to teach them the essentials thoroughly. Parents who don’t want to hire a maid can opt for a nursery in Dubai dedicated to caring for children.

Since the demand for a nursery is increasing over time, we can say that establishing a nursery is one of the booming businesses.

Some General Rules for Starting Nursery Schools in Dubai

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to initiate a step for a business setup in Dubai in this domain, then you have come to the right place. This treatise will help you to understand how to initiate the process and the essentials to be taken care of.

  • The Owner or License Holder should be a UAE National.
  • A police Clearance Certificate needs to be obtained.
  • In case the region turns out to be a free zone, the Partner shall be a UAE national
  • It should be either on the ground floor or the first floor
  • Three name options need to be submitted to the Ministry of Social Affairs with an Arabic translation
  • The Lease Agreement must be drafted only after getting approval from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

How to Get Included on the List of Nurseries in Dubai?

Certain phases exist in the establishment process, which you must follow in sequential order.

Approval from the UAE Ministry of Education

It becomes essential for the owner to take approval from the Ministry of Education. For this, you need to

  • Complete and submit the application form that includes the Owner’s Personal Information and the Project Details.
  • A meeting needs to be attended with the representative of the Ministry of Education.
  • A copy of the Academic Plan needs to be submitted to the Ministry of Education
  • Make changes if required and get approval from the Education Department
  • Approvals regarding the Building need to be obtained considering the Safety Measures.

Obtain Approval from Civil Defence and Municipality

Once you have completed Phase 1, next you need to take the below-mentioned steps:

  • Submit the required documents to the Municipality and Civil Defence
  • A representative of MOE will visit the site to declare a final approval regarding the building check
  • Another application needs to submit to the Proposed Manager stating his/her details
  • Once filed, obtain an endorsement from the Ministry of Education regarding the Manager’s Interview.

Note: Any location that refers to an Industrial Area or Labour Housing is not allowed.

Obtain a License from the Department of Economic Development (DED)

This is the last phase, where the following tasks need to be performed:

  • Apply and obtain Economic Department License
  • Apply for Work-Permit for Self
  • Feed in information into the system regarding the Nursery Staff
  • Seek approvals for advertisements.

Prepare the Documents Required

To establish a Nursery in Dubai, you must submit the documents below.

  • Passport Copy of the entrepreneur
  • Owner’s educational profiles
  • Family Book Copy
  • Nursery License Application
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Photo of the entrepreneur
  • Appointment letter of the UAE local national as a manager
  • Location and Drawing of the Nursery with proposed building address.

Cost for a Nursery or an Early Learning Centre in Dubai

Opening a daycare centre in Dubai or a nursery, you need to pay the license fees. So, while opting for the Nursery License in Dubai, the following cost gets incurred:

Description Cost (AED) *
Professional License Fees 600.00
Government Cultural Fees 20.00
Administrative Fees 50.00

Non-Trade Arabic Names (Emirates, Gulf, International, Abbreviation)

Maximum Trade Name Fees



Name Board Permission Fees 350.00
Market Fees (5% of Building Rent)-depends on the tenancy amount 5500.00
Public Waste Service Fees 2000.00
Knowledge Fees (Municipality) 20.00
Service Improvement Fees (Professional) 80.00
Local Fees-Professional License 100.00
Civil Defence Fees 500.00
Total Cost 11220.00

Apart from the costs mentioned above, separate costs must be borne while hiring an employee for the nursery.

The Cost of Hiring Employees for a Playschool in Dubai

Description Cost (in AED) *

Immigration Establishment Card

This card must be Prepared and Submitted to the Immigration Office, which will be issued within 10 minutes.


Labour Establishment Card

This card should be typed at the Tas’heel Centre and submitted to the Labour Office.

License Renewal Fees 5000

*The costs mentioned above are subject to change and need to be incurred at the initial setup stage for setting up a nursery. Kindly connect with us for information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To whom should you get approval to open a nursery in Dubai?

You must get approval from the Ministry of Education, Municipality, and Civil Defence before establishing a nursery company in Dubai.

What is the cost of obtaining a nursery license?

It costs approximately around 12000 AED.

Why does the nursery location play an important role in business?

 The nursery’s location plays a vital role in the business’s success because most parents prefer a nursery close to their homes.

What are the various steps to be followed for opening a nursery business in Dubai?

  • Trade name approval
  • Special permits required
  • Approval from the UAE Ministry of Education
  • Obtain a Permit from the Civil Defence and Municipality
  • Secure the License from the Dubai Economy.

What regulations should be followed before setting up a nursery?

  • Nursery can’t be established in industrial areas
  • Children below 18 months should be kept on the ground or first floors of the building
  • Every nursery must-have firefighting equipment.

Can a foreigner own a nursery business in Dubai?

If the foreigner decides to open a business in the free zone, he needs a UAE sponsor as a partner in their business.