Mission Visa

Today’s business entities deal with contracts and freelancers. The main reason being, it is cost-effective and also flexible enough to handle multiple projects. This has given rise to freelancers in multiple fields and also helps businesses to choose the best freelancer for job completion. However, hiring international contractors or freelancers is beneficial as well as risky for any organization. This concept has been widely accepted by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the reasons for their success. The Emirates serves itself as an open platform for business entities of different natures and sizes. Setting up a business in Dubai helps business entities to mold themselves with a large number of freelancers. If you own a business entity in the UAE and are worried about the completion of the business task at an effective cost, try hiring freelancers.

In order to onboard these contractors or freelancers for a specific time, business entities need to sponsor Mission Visa. In this article, you will get a clear understanding of what a mission visa is all about and the related procedures. Let’s start.

What Is a Mission Visa?

A mission visa is a type of visa issued for a particular mission or completion of a particular task in a fixed duration. Mission visa for UAE is a 90-day visa issued to a businessman or a working professional who needs to visit the UAE to complete a particular task. It is renewable upon payment of a Dh 500. To check if your company is eligible or not, click here.

What Are the Documents Required for a Mission Visa in the UAE?

In order to obtain a mission visa in UAE, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Work permit for the mission from the Ministry of Labour
  • Copy of Trade License
  • Labour Establishment Card
  • Copy of passport of the sponsored person
  • Copy of a valid commercial license
  • Copy of a valid establishment card
  • Sponsor’s e-signature card

Fee Structure



Initial Approval at Tas’heel Centre

Dh 203

Labour Card at Tas’heel Centre

Dh 603

Refundable Security Deposit

Dh 3,000

Immigration Visa Fee

Dh 800

Immigration Fee applied through eDNRD

Dh 700

Medical Fee

Dh 300

Labour Card Renewal

Dh 603

Visa Renewable Fee for Immigration

Dh 1,400

Overall Cost

Dh 7,109

Note: Typing charges can be charged extra for labor card.

  • Salary details of the employee need to be mentioned
  • The employee and the employer need to sign the contract at the Tas’heel Centre

How to Apply for a Mission Visa?

  1. A mission visa is to be applied at the Ministry of Labour (MOL), and not at the Immigration Department
  2. The visa needs to be submitted by the Public Relations Office (PRO) of the sponsoring company
  3. Photo and passport is required once the Temporary Labor Permit is received
  4. A refundable deposit of AED 3000 Dh shall be then submitted either by cash or a bank draft

Now, if an applicant is already in the UAE on a tourist or a visit visa, he/she might have to cancel the visit/tourist visa and re-enter the UAE on mission visa.

Benefits of Obtaining a Mission Visa

Holding a mission visa is beneficial for both the business entities as well as the mission visa holders. They are as follows:

For Business Entities

  • Hire freelancers or employees on a temporary basis
  • Completion of projects within a deadline
  • Multiple projects can be completed within a specific period
  • International hiring becomes easy

For Mission Visa Holders

  • Flexibility to work at one’s leisure
  • Completion of projects within a deadline
  • Option to deal with multiple projects with different business entities
  • Getting foreign exposure for a short period

Fine Will Be Charged in the Following Cases

  • If the Medical and Labour Contract fails to complete within 30 days, a fine of Dh100 will be charged per day
  • If the employer fails to submit a mission work permit labor contract to the Ministry within 30 days, a fine of Dh100 will be charged per day and can exceed to max Dh 2,000
  • If the employer fails to renew the mission work permit labor contract within a period of 7 days from the date of expiry, a fine of Dh100 will be charged per day and can exceed to max Dh 2,000

Mission Visa Cancellation Process

Once the employee exits the nation, the employer needs to take the exit information print by paying a fee of Dh120 at the Immigration Centre and cancel his visa by paying a fee of Dh 700.

Documents required for Cancellation of Mission Visa

The cancellation process will initiate after submitting the following documents:

  • Typed cancellation application
  • Original visa
  • Exit information print-out
  • Trade license copy
  • Immigration card copy
  • Seal and signature of the sponsor

Once the mission visa gets canceled, the labor card has to be canceled at the Tas’heel Centre.

Documents required for Cancellation of Labour Card

  • Cancellation receipt from the Immigration Centre
  • Labour card and passport of the employee
  • Trade license copy
  • Labour Establishment Card
  • Original e-Signature Card of the sponsor

In case a mission visa holder needs to hold an employment visa, he/she needs to exit the nation and re-enter after receiving the new visa.

Thus, you have seen how beneficial a mission visa in the UAE turns out to be. It is a good option for business entities for the completion of projects and also is cost-effective. International hiring boosts business and improves the quality of goods and services provided. In the case of Freelancers, they first need to obtain a freelancing license in Dubai after which they can apply for a mission visa which will help them enter the Emirates and work accordingly.

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What is the renewal fee for a mission visa in Dubai?

The renewal fee for a mission visa in Dubai is Dh 500.

What is the duration provided for a mission visa holder to complete the medical card?

When a mission visa holder arrives in the UAE, a duration of 1 month is provided to them to complete the medical card.

What is a labor establishment card?

A labor establishment card is a card issued by the Ministry of Labour that allows a company to hire staff, obtain a work permit and apply for a visa on behalf of employees.

Can a mission visa be converted into an employment visa?

Yes, a mission visa can be converted into an employment visa.

What is the difference between a special mission visa and a mission visa?

A special mission visa is a 16-day visa and is non-renewable, whereas a mission visa is a 90-day visa and is renewable.