We ensure that your radio commercial motivates, impresses and resonates with the person on the other end of the radio, and get you returns for the money spent in putting that advertisement on the air!

People may wonder how effective radio advertising can be in present day and age. Well, as per the statistics, close to 90% of the urban population listens to the radio, and 47% of those people rely on radio as the most important source of information. Selling radio advertising is profitable for consumers, and that's the reason why radio accounts for 6.9% of the total media expenditures and commercial radio stations make the most of their money selling airtime or spots to the advertisers!

A great radio commercial, engages the listeners, brings out their emotions, captures their imagination, and compels them to take an action. We create powerful and thoughtful radio commercials that get the message right, every single time, helping you get returns for your advertising budget.

Businesses Love Radio Advertising

Advertises and business owners love radio due to its immediate impact and the various other benefits of radio advertising. Here are some of the major advantages of radio advertising

  • Less investment costs and higher ROI
  • Flexibility to target niche consumers (based on their music preference, age group, demographics, etc.)
  • Ability to connect with millions of listeners across multiple domains with just one call

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  • Flexibility to reach consumers at higher frequency
  • Multiple promotional opportunities, like running a competition, announcing new store/product launch, sampling a product, etc. apart from airing regular commercials
  • Better brand recall, as sound is a memorable medium
  • Personal bonding with the listeners, as most of the people tune into a radio when they are alone (driving a car, jogging, cooking, etc.)
  • It's an everywhere medium, as consumers can get your message even while multitasking
  • Radio ads are highly flexible and can be instantly modified with respect to the changing market conditions, audience reactions or any other factors

Our Radio Advertising Capabilities

We are an experienced single-window radio advertising agency in UAE that can help you meet all your promotional requirements, while keeping the radio advertising costs to a minimum. Our clients consider us to be the best choice for national as well as local radio advertising requirements as we not only help them create radio scripts, and run radio advertising campaigns, but provide several other value-added services. We assist our clients select the most apt and desirable radio channel and airtime to air their ads at the best rates, optimize the radio advertising campaign, and also monitor its performance.

Here is the comprehensive account of our services -

  • Radio Channel Profile Creation and Airtime Selection Having worked closely with major local and international radio stations and radio groups, and knowledge of the UAE market helps us select the most apt radio channel and airtime that can do justice to your campaign.
  • Strategic Scheduling Advertisements are distributed throughout the broadcasting hours on the radio stations and are run in clusters. As per the studies, a commercial that is aired in the first or second slot during commercial break has higher recall than those broadcasted later. We understand how radio ads work, and help our clients get best results by scheduling their ads in the most preferred spots.
  • Targeting Specific Demographics We know that ads work best when customized for niche audience. We create effective radio commercials that target desired demographics, gender, and age group, and are aired at specific segment where the audience matches perfectly to the targeted client base.
  • Highlighting Your Business USP in Less Words Our team has a way with words, and knows how to get the message across to the desired audience. Whether you want to get a radio spot for brand promotion, creating awareness, increasing sales, or a product launch, we create a radio ad campaign that highlights unique selling point of your business and helps you move ahead of your competitors.
  • Avoiding Information Overload - Commercials crammed with too much information stress the ears, like a press article without any white-space or image strains the eyes. We ensure that your radio commercial has a room to breathe, and the voiceover is not done at a breakneck speed, and is comprehensible.

Popular Types of Radio Advertising

We create different types of customer-focused radio commercials, write radio scripts, create radio spots in different languages and also help in scheduling radio advertisements across different radio channels. Following are some of the popular types of radio advertising solutions we offer -

  • National radio ads
  • Local radio ads
  • Internet radio advertising
  • Podcasts
  • Radio Ads for Brand Promotion
  • Radio Ads to Sell a Product / Service
  • Radio Ads for Creating Awareness (Auto Safety, Blood Donation, Drunken Driving etc.)
  • Educational Radio Ads

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We are one of the most popular radio ad campaign providers located in the Middle East, delivering innovative, niche and cost-effective solutions to your advertising needs; be it radio advertising, print advertising, or social media advertising.

Our team of creative specialists share our passion for advertising, and help us use the power of radio to build enduring partnerships between clients, consumers and broadcasters. We take pride in our capability to provide your brand the best possible exposure and deliver results regardless the size of your radio campaign.

If you are looking for customized, innovative, risk free and targeted radio ads, contact us.

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