There's nothing more expensive than an ad that doesn’t work! Make use of print advertising to target niche audience and cement your position in the industry.

All advertisements, irrespective of their shape or size have one common goal – to sell a service or product, and Print Advertising does that very effectively. Proliferation of Digital Media has taken some sheen out of Print Media Advertising, but it's still one of the most effective ways to get the reader's attention and communicate your ideas to a larger audience.

Our team of creative professionals makes intelligent and innovative use of text and visuals to create a memorable and unique printed advertisement that cuts through the clutter, impresses your audience, and gets the desired results.

Our Print Advertising Capability

Newspapers and magazines are the most tried-and-trusted traditional promotional mediums, and Newspaper Advertising remains the most preferred marketing option even today. We understand the importance of print advertising, and can help you create a niche advertisement that effortlessly targets diverse geographies and demographics, and provides ROI in less time.

It's impossible to avoid print advertising if you run a storefront, and even though your business operates 100% online, at times you need to showcase and promote your product/service in words and images through a crafty print advertisement to get widespread attention that lacks in digital ads.

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We assist our clients with print media selection (selecting between different types of print advertising mediums), helping them target different readerships, based on the nature, costs attached, and audience targeted by the circulation in print.

  • Newspaper Advertisements - Newspaper is the most preferred, credible and cost-effective marketing platform for print ads if you want to deliver timely message to a region specific audience. Clients have the option to choose from a wide array of newspapers to place their ads (national, regional, weekly, daily, etc.) and customize size, colour, design, text, ad placement, etc. as per their preferences.
  • Magazine Advertisements Magazine ads have a prominence over newspaper ads when it comes to production quality, as full colour glossy page finish in the magazines make for a better looking ad, but these are costlier when compared to newspaper ads. Magazines like newspapers have a dedicated customer base, and offer advertisers extensive choices of readership and frequency, which can be utilized to create targeted ads and drive in profits. We not only create ads for magazines, but depending upon the business profile of our clients, also suggest which magazine can be best suited to meet their needs.
  • Advertisements in Yellow Pages / Directories - Ads placed in directories are less creative and can’t be changed time to time, as these are generally placed in a box next to the phone numbers and remain same till next printing. These ads are much cheaper as compared to the earlier two, and are more responsive as people look for directories when they are actually searching for a service.
  • Billboards and Posters – Billboards grab more eyeballs and reach consumers on the move, when they are close to the point of purchase. Additionally, these types of ads provide advertisers the flexibility to change the messages on posters at a desired frequency.
  • Other Print Media – We can also assist our clients leverage the print advertising effectiveness by promoting their business through other print mediums like Business Cards, Direct Mailers, Coupon Mailers and Free Standing Inserts amongst others.

7 Reasons to Choose Us for Print Advertising

We can help you leverage the following advantages of print advertising by creating and executing pitch-perfect print advertising campaigns.

  1. Permanence - Print ads stay right there in front of your eyes each time you grab a newspaper or magazine, unlike the ads displayed on websites or television that are blink and miss. Print ads have a longer shell life and stick around for months, even years making them true value for money
  2. Credibility – Print advertising campaigns have an aura of credibility around them and are trusted more when compared to web ads, which also translates into business
  3. Better Recall – It's proven that consumers have longer attention spans when they go through print ads, and remember the message even later if they have seen and read it in print
  4. Higher Engagement – Consumers multitask and pay divided attention when they are online, however when a user picks up a newspaper of a magazine they have already made a conscious decision to engage with words and images, and pay it the utmost attention
  5. Print Ads Drives Online Search – As per the study conducted by Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, most of the shoppers search for a product online after viewing the print ad
  6. Clearly Defined Target Audience – Digital ads can't guarantee if your message will reach the right audience at the right time, however the editorial ads can be strategically placed in most relevant sections, to target specific audience
  7. Persuades and Influences Purchase – As per the survey, consumers are better influenced to make a purchasing decision based on an ad they see in a newspaper rather than on a website

Print Media Advertising is here to Stay

If something has been there for years, and continues to be talked about in the present age as well, then one thing is certain, that it's meant to stay! Print advertisements continue to be an important component of marketing, and we all will agree that some of the best print advertisements that we remember and cherish are the ones that appeared or appear in magazines and newspapers, and not on webpages.

Print advertisements have an edge over ephemeral media universe due to their permanence and ability to directly connect with the audience on a personal and emotional level. Since childhood, we all have been inundated with these print messages at such an overwhelming rate that it's impossible to not be affected by its presence.

Print adds work today, and will continue to do so in the future as well!

Opt for Print Advertising to Ensure Your Business Success

Print ads created by our professional advertising team are known for –

  • Compelling headlines that instantly grab consumer's attention
  • Strategically focused messages that smartly persuades your audience
  • Captivating images and visuals
  • Sales oriented writing that pushes prospects to buy
  • Well-defined call-to-action to drive in the sales

We believe in letting our work do the talking. If you want to advertise your business in print media or digital media, contact our advertising team, and avail the advantages provided by a big ad agency at the small agency pricing.

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