We execute well-thought PR campaigns that reign in the power of new page social media and traditional tools to create impactful perception for your brand!

In an age where most of the online consumers remain constantly inter-connected through social media, and rely on peer feedback to make a purchasing decision, it has become imperative for businesses to have a well-crafted professional image. Public Relations Services are meant to create a positive public image of your brand, products and services in the eyes of consumers and media, and ensure that your prospects relate to your company, and view it in good light.

Creating the Right Effect with Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising and Public Relations are both used to promote a company, product, service or individual among the masses; however there is a primary difference between the two. The difference lies in the way public perceives and reacts to an advertisement or a TV report or a newspaper article!

The information shared in the ad is dealt with a certain degree of skepticism, as people know that the text is written to persuade them to buy a particular product or service, and may or may not be authentic. However, the information communicated through online article or a newspaper is regarded reliable and worthy of attention. Being an experienced Advertising and Public Relations Agency, we understand the different approaches of promotion, and know where to draw the line in the best interest of our customers.

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Our effective PR services make use of well-established brand building tools to publish well-researched content and press releases, and hold public and media events, conferences, etc. across print and digital media (encompassing social media as well), and ensure that each mention made about your brand is made in the most favorable manner.

Public Relations Management and Consulting Services

We are one the leading public relations companies based in UAE, and follow a 4-step approach to Public Relations Marketing, which includes Contact Management (identifying key contacts across social and traditional media), Distribution (of news worthy material across different distribution channels), Monitoring (tracking the results to analyze overall PR performance) and Media Measurement and Analysis (tracking market and consumer sentiments by analysing media mentions and overage coverage in the track market).

Our public relations campaigns are meant to perform the following key activities:

  • Build brand awareness and impeccable image in relevant media outlets by placing relevant stories and articles for our clients
  • Closely monitor and comment on news about your company or its products across diverse public and social media channels
  • Effectively manage any crisis that threatens to dent your product's or company's image
  • Conduct special programs, philanthropic events, and community gatherings to create goodwill for your organization in the target market

Our capabilities extend beyond the average list of PR services to include market research, PR strategy creation, creative ideation, and execution among others. Our comprehensive list of public relations services include:

  • Creating a strategic plan for effective Communication and Brand Development
  • Media Briefing, Training and Liaison
  • Internal, Corporate, and Marketing Communications
  • Editorial services (Press Release, Company profiles , Speeches, Copywriting, Promotional Copy)
  • Product Launches and Review Management
  • Media Notification Systems, Media Broadcast and Media Placement
  • Press Conferences and Publicity stunts
  • Crisis Management
  • Public affairs / Issues
  • Digital and Social Media Strategy Creation and Execution

Who Can Benefit from Our Public Relations Services?

We are one of the most prominent public relations agencies in the Middle East, and have helped several clients establish their brand in different parts of the globe and across UAE by leveraging quality media coverage.

Our Public Relations Services are sought after by the following:

  • Architects and Engineers
  • B2B and B2C Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Consumer Products and Services
  • Educational and Financial Institutions
  • FMCG
  • Government Agencies
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

We Can Help You Create Long Lasting Public Relations

Presence of hugely talented PR experts and Social Media & Content Analysts, years of domain experience, and professional approach makes us a global PR agency, but we are proud to maintain the hands-on client focus and agility of a small firm. Our aim is simple – to provide our clients the best media coverage, in traditional, digital, as well new age social media channels, and create the right buzz for our clients’ products and services among public and media.

Contact us for focussed and measurable PR Services, and get your message across to the desired target audience.

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