You know it's time to send in the guerrillas, the extra-special forces to turn the tide in your favour, when all your classic marketing strategies have failed to deliver!

Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional way of advertising that was originally conceptualized for small businesses to help them promote their services and products at a shoestring budget; however, it has become a popular marketing medium for big companies as well. This is one of the most popular internet marketing strategies and has an edge over traditional marketing when it comes to budget, creativity, mass appeal and original thinking. Guerrilla marketing techniques are more localized brick and mortar strategies, and thrive on ingenuity and imagination to outweigh big budgets.

Seeking inspiration from Guerrilla warfare, Guerrilla marketing leverages on elements of surprise and makes use of similar tactics like sabotage, ambush and raids, etc. to yield maximum results and grab the public attention at a more personal level.

Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns We Execute

Guerrilla marketing ideas stem from one simple fact the best way to make an indelible impression over consumers on a personal level is by astonishing them pleasantly when they are least expecting a surprise (like walking down the streets, in parks, beaches, etc.) and creating copious amount of social buzz around that whole campaign. And this is what we do!

We are a leading Guerrilla marketing agency located in UAE that leverages diverse internet marketing strategies across diverse social media channels to catapult your business to the top, and ensure that it's talked about in good light. Our specialized marketing team is well-versed with all guerrilla marketing tactics, and can help you with -

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  • Ambient Marketing: We make intelligent use of every single physical surface or environment available for communication to elicit customer engagement, and convey messages worthy of corporate communication
  • Ambush Marketing: We are experts in associative marketing and can help you grab the eyeballs and capitalize upon the attention and goodwill of another organization/event without you having to shell a bomb for it
  • Stealth Marketing: We leverage undercover marketing strategies to get people secretively involved with your product and provide their honest feedback without letting them know that they are a part of an advertisement campaign. This is done while ensuring that it doesn't leave a negative effect on the brand
  • Viral Marketing: Whether you call it word-of-mouth publicity, creating a buzz on social media or network marketing, our guerrilla marketing experts know how to create marketing messages that have the potential to become a craze among your audience
  • Street Marketing: We have the skills and the know-how to execute perfect campaigns on public places and streets to market your products in the most innovative way
  • Online Guerilla Marketing: Our online marketing team creates dedicated landing pages, engaging videos and banners, logo games and online campaigns, etc. on popular social media channels that combine guerrilla tactics and wait marketing to provide your businesses the desired publicity

Why Opt for Creative Guerrilla Marketing?

The main reason why businesses opt for Guerrilla marketing is because it helps them create an unbelievable hype around their products or services, and make people talk about them. A well-executed guerrilla marketing campaign can help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Establish your brand among the masses and create enough buzz and curiosity so that it gets word-of-mouth publicity
  • Taking your brand to the target audience without deviating them off their daily routine
  • Targeting any one, if not all sensory identities of the customer to enhance brand recall and provide an unforgettable consumer experience

Well-executed guerrilla marketing campaigns create a feeling of brand intimacy and loyalty which resonates beyond the encounter, and the entire campaign gets viral once the affected individuals start sharing their encounter on the social media platforms.

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Guerrilla marketing comes with its own set of pros and cons, a fact that most of the Guerrilla marketing companies fail to realize. We are well-aware of the risks involved in case the intended message gets misinterpreted, and ensure that all risk factors are duly negated before executing any campaign.

The message and objective of the whole guerrilla marketing campaigns we execute is clear - to bring out the positive word-of-mouth, increase brand recall among target audience and ensure that the idea never snowballs into a controversy.

Contact our marketing team to create creative guerrilla marketing campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Google+, and outshine your competitors.

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