Maid Emigration Clearance

In the previous articles, we have seen the various processes associated with the Maid Visa. As we all know that Dubai is a platform that acts as an umbrella to the worldwide expats and even provides various opportunities to establish a business, apart from this, it also provides the flexibility to hire maids from different regions of the world along with Dubai Emigration. One of the mandatory documents is the Maid Visa that the domestic workers must possess. You can find all about Maid Visa service in Dubai here.  Recently, in Feb 2018, India and the UAE joined hands in order to link eMigrate with the UAE Labor System. This initiative was taken in order to maximize the number of workers through the online system. This article will make a walk through in understanding what Emigration and its related processes in Dubai. Let’s proceed.

What is Emigration?

The meaning of ‘Emigration’ is a situation where in an individual leaves his/her nation in order to settle abroad permanently. When a working employee or businessman settles in the UAE, it’s always preferable to have a helping hand so as to ease the work process. This gets applied to both domestic workers and company workers.

Now, in order to get these workers in Dubai, a documentation process is a must. Let’s move a step ahead and know about the documents followed by the fee structure.

Documents Required for Maid Emigration Clearance

The Maid Emigration Clearance process involves the documentation process and an Emigration check is required to take it further. Let’s have a look at the documents required.

Documents Required for Housemaid and Other Servants

  • Employment Visa Attested by the Indian Embassy
  • Employment Contract issued by the Indian Embassy
  • Job ID and Job Code received from the Indian Embassy
  • Passport Copy of the Maid

Documents Required for Housemaid and Company Workers- ECR Passport Holders

  • Employment Visa Attested by the Indian Embassy
  • Employment Contract issued by the Indian Embassy
  • Job ID and Job Code received from the Indian Embassy
  • Passport Copy of the Employee

Documents Required at the Consulate

  • Original Passport with a Minimum Validity of 6 months
  • Medical Certificate
  • Visa Reference Paper from UAE
  • Credit/Debit Card for Attestation Payment
  • Eye scan, Finger Print, and Photo Catching will be done at the Consulate itself

The minimum processing time required at the Emigration Office is five working days. As we have understood about all the required docs, let’s have a look at the fee involved in the Clearance process.


Fees for the Emigration Clearance Process

Let’s have a look at the fee structure for the clearance process:



Medical Fee

INR 5,000

Biometric Fee

INR 6,270

Medical Certificate

INR 3,500

What Is the Process of Maid Emigration Clearance at the UAE Consulate in India?

The Emigration Clearance process involves the following steps:

  1. The Sponsor in the UAE will apply for Employment Visa for the required employees
  2. Once the process is completed, the sponsor will be receiving a message at the registered mobile number which includes the Username and Password of the employee
  3. The sponsor should handover the same to the respective employee in India
  4. In case if the sponsor is a company, the approval can be received from the Immigration Centre as well
  5. With the help of provided Username and Password, the employee can take an appointment through the online application on the Government website.
  6. The Medical Test would include Blood Test, Urine Test, X-ray and Full-Body Checkup
  7. On the respective date of appointment, the employee needs to be present along with the following documents:
  • Medical Certificate approved by Gulf Approved Medical Centre Association- GAMCA with a Fee of Rs.5,000
  • The Medical Certificate needs to be attested from the UAE Consulate
  • Original Passport with a validity of minimum 6 months

Once all the processes are completed at the Consulate, a valid visa will be provided accordingly.

Thus, we can say that the Maid Emigration Clearance process is a mandated process to get a helping hand abroad.  Now, since you have got an idea regarding the clearance process, the best thing you can do to proceed ahead is to have a word with a visa consultant who is well-versed with the legal process and can help you to obtain the same in a much easier and faster way. Wondering whom to approach? Don’t worry. We have got your visa guide just below.

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