Labour Card Renewal

The Emirates is considered to be one of the most powerful and fastest-growing nations, with Dubai emerging as one of the most progressive and advanced cities in the world. The main reason behind this is that it has been tirelessly working on establishing itself as an international hub in several sectors. The main asset that it embraces is the workforce that is a blend of millions of expatriates from all around the world. The companies located in the UAE has got multi-cultural employees as assets and it becomes their responsibility to retain these assets for the individual and national growth.

Any individual working in any UAE company would be given a labour card that permits them to work in the nation for a specific duration. Now, it becomes the responsibility of the employer to keep a track on the labour card status and renew it as and when required. Before moving to how the procedure takes place, let’s have a clear understanding of what a labour card is all about and how it is utilized.

Labour Card

A labour card is a document meant for the expiates to come and work in the Emirates. It identifies the employee and his/her place of work. The employer should make sure that the employees should obtain the card within 60 days from the date of arrival and is valid for 2 years.  The labour card status should be tracked frequently so as to renew it as soon as possible. Failure to renew the Dubai labour card will end up in paying penalties by the employer of the organization. Upon expiration, this card is to be renewed for the same period.

Labour Card Details

A Dubai labour card includes the following details:

  • Name of the employee
  • Employee profession
  • Name of the employer
  • Expiry date
  • Nationality
  • Work permit number
  • Labour card number
  • Personal number

Since you have got a clear idea of what a labour card is all about, let’s have a look at the labour card renewal process.

Labour Card Renewal

Every labour card issued by the Ministry of Labour UAE needs to get renewed before it meets the expiry date. The renewal process takes place after the submission of certain labour card details and documents that include:

  • A photo ID the employee
  • Passport copy of the employee
  • Trade license copy
  • E-Signature card of authorized signatory
  • A copy of the establishment’s valid license
  • Copy of the expired visa
  • Employees valid health certificate
  • Copies of employee contract along with the establishment seal

The labour card renewal fees are included in the fees that have been earlier paid for the work permit.

Labour Card Renewal Fees


Fees (Including Typing Fee)

Company Category 2-A

Dh 703

Company Category 2-B

Dh 1,603

Company Category 2-C

Dh 2,103


The entire payment is to be made through E-Dhiram Card at the Tas’heel Centre. The E-Dhiram card can be bought from any branch of National Bank of Abu Dhabi found at the Tas’heel branches. All you need to take is the Emirates ID and Passport Copy. The labour card and labour contract copy can be fetched from the Ministry of Labour (MoL) website within a duration of 48 hours from the time of submission.

Fine Involved

Upon delaying of submission of the new labour card within 60 days from the date of entry, a fine of Dh 500 is to be borne.

Special Fee

Labour card can be renewed only till the age of 65. Beyond that, an extra amount of Dh5000 needs to be paid at the time of renewal.

Labour Card Cancellation Process

Since the labour card is issued by the Ministry of Labour (MOL), the cancellation process needs to be done there itself. A labour card of any employee can be canceled only by his employer. In order to do so for a valid reason, one has to undergo the following process:

  1. The employer approaches the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation with an application to cancel the labour card along with the employee’s signature
  2. Secondly, the employer should apply to the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) for the visa cancellation
  3. The company must also cancel the work permit simultaneously and for this, a signed letter is to be submitted that states that the employee has already received the wages

Along with the labour card, the residence visa, the Emirates ID will also be canceled and seized. Upon the fulfillment of the entire process, the labour card cancellation status would be approved and post that the employee would be given a grace period of 30 days to vacate the country.

Thus, you have seen how important it becomes for an organization as well as for an employer to keep a track record of the labour card of its employees. Are you an employer? Do you want to hold back the best assets you have got in your esteemed organization?  All you need to do is show them a sense of care by taking the responsibility of renewing their employment visa and labour card. Wondering how to initiate? Don’t worry. We have got you the solution.

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