How can I get an Investor Visa in the UAE?

In the world of business, investors play a silent but one of the most crucial roles of investing in an organization. An organization, be it national, multi-national, or even a start-up, needs fund to stand as a separate and legal entity. The United Arab Emirates has been dedicatedly working towards establishing itself as a land of business and provides a wide platform for foreign investors to invest. They offer the facility to the investors to establish a business in UAE, or to invest in an established business entity. The nation holds free trade zones that provoke the business freaks to turn their dream business into reality on this platform, but all these decisions can be fulfilled only when an investor possesses a visa and a valid stamped passport. If you are an investor or have any plan of investing in a business, you need to understand that visa stamping is the first step to unlock your investment decisions. To understand this in detail, let's have a look and try to understand what visa stamping is all about and how to proceed ahead.

What Is Visa Stamping?

Visa stamping is a process that provides the right to an investor to enter a nation and invest in business entities. At this point, documentation plays a very important role. Necessary details need to be provided so as to proceed ahead. You must be wondering what documents are required for visa stamping process in UAE. The answer of your query lies below.

Documents Required for Visa Stamping in Dubai

A company should hold User ID and GDRFA Online Program. With this, the process can be done online. In order to proceed further towards the visa stamping Dubai Process, an investor needs to have the essentials mentioned below:

  • Original passport of the applicant valid for at least 6 months
  • Original utilized entry permit of the applicant
  • Recent passports with white background
  • Medical certificate
  • Medical Insurance certificate
  • Copy of Emirates ID application
  • LLC agreement
  • Partner’s copy list
  • License (Commercial/Professional/Industrial license)
  • Copy of LLC agreement
  • Copy of Service Agent Contract (for professional license)
  • Copy of Immigration Establishment Card
  • Copy of the tenancy contract
  • Copy of latest utility bills
  • Fees required for visa stamping process

The Emirates ID needs to be attached with the visa stamping form. The medical and ID application is to be entered to initiate a medical test. Moving ahead, the investor needs to go for fingerprint at the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) centre.

Fees Involved in the Visa Stamping Process

The fee needs to be paid through Noqodi Wallet of the company.




Medical and Emirates ID

AED 500


Visa Stamping

AED 1,000

AED 1,500

Visa Stamping Process

UAE Visa Stamping Process takes place at the Consulate wherein the employee needs to present the necessary documents and need to abide by the following process:

  1. The Investor Visa needs to be applied in UAE by the Sponsor or Emirati Partner
  2. Once the visa process is completed, the investor will receive a message in the registered mobile number
  • If the sponsor is a company, you might get an approval copy from the Immigration
  1. The investor needs to book an appointment with the help of Username and Password received
  2. On the date of appointment, all the necessary documents and the required fee needs to be presented
  3. When all the formalities are done, the investor will receive a visa
  4. The passport will be released with the visa stamped on it by the Consulate

It becomes essential to keep a track of the status once the visa goes on for the process so as to have a clear idea on the visa stamping progress. Well, all you need to do is track the visa stamping status.

How to Check the Visa Stamping Status?

To proceed ahead and check the visa stamping status certain information needs to be at hand:

  • Visa application number
  • First name of the applicant
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Nationality

The necessary details need to be entered on the official website of the country, along with the investor’s passport number, to check the visa stamping status.

In short, we can say that the investors play the role of a backbone for a business entity. Investment decisions decide the future of an organization, but to avail of this process, the visa stamping needs to get cleared. If you are an investor and want to invest in UAE, the booming business hub, all you need to do get hold of an agent who can understand your requirements and help you in getting your visa stamped. Wondering how to initiate? Don’t worry. Your visa guide is right below to help.

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1. In which categories in Dubai Investor Visa Obtainable?

  • Investment in Residential Property
  • Investment in a Company
  • Long-Term Residence
  • Retirement

2. What is the validity of a residency visa in Dubai?

The residency visa is valid for a time period of three years.

3. Will a residency visa be cancelled under any circumstances?

The investor residence visa UAE can be cancelled if the owner does not visit the country once in 180 days.