Impact of Dubai Expo 2020 on Business Industries -Part 2

Impact of Dubai Expo 2020 on Business Industries -Part 2

Long-awaited Dubai Expo 2020 event is going to be a platform of transformation, which will have a drastic effect on the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the world. In the previous article, “Impact of Dubai Expo 2020 on Business Industries- Part 1” you have seen the impact of the event in the top industries. This article will take you through the remaining sectors that will have a drastic effect after the event. Both the treatise will help you to understand how your industry will perform during the tenure of the event. Let’s dive in.


The demand or real estate and commercial complexes will touch its heights post Expo 2020. Thus, this creates a huge opportunity for the construction industry to grab a mass market. Starting a construction business in Dubai turns out to be an easy process. The Government has taken multiple steps to attract foreign investors to come forward and investing in the construction sector. It is to be kept in mind that to incorporate a construction business, a construction license needs to be obtained from the respective authorities.


The retail industry has been an evolving sector since ages. The UAE has got a huge market when it comes to the retail industry. With the implementation of VAT since Jan 2018, the retail sectors have been transforming themselves from bricks to clicks. According to research, Dubai’s retail market is expected to change drastically over the next five years, with more than 3.7 million square metres by 2024. The upcoming Expo 2020 is scheduled to inaugurate 8 Malls during the Expo period for six months. This would be a game-changer to the retail industry.

3.Food and Beverage

Stands as the second largest industry in the world, the Food and Beverage industry holds a significant market in the UAE. The increasing number of malls, public places in the UAE region has paved out multiple options for the restaurants, and cafes. However, this has increased the number of food and beverage production and is expected to rise more in the coming years. The year 2020 is going to be a big platform when it comes to the food and beverage industry, as the event is expected to attract 25 million visitors. So, you can imagine the profitability that the F&B industry will fetch in.

4.Job Market

When it comes to business and employment, the UAE stands as a well-suited destination. As per the recent report, more than 3,00,000 jobs are likely to be created post-expo as more and more international business partnerships are expected to take place during the expo-cycle. Ultimately, we can say that more business incorporations will pave out new ways for job options and opportunities.


Since the business incorporations are going to spike up, this turns out to be an excellent opportunity for the business consultancies to strengthen their business. When it comes to consultancies, there exist different variations like business, tax, legal, HR tools etc. So, all of these consultancies will be able to grab a huge market when it comes to Dubai Expo 2020.

Thus, you can see that the World Expo is not only grabbing the attention of international visitors; it also grabs the attention of business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are dealing with any of the business mentioned above, then this is a great opportunity for you to expand your business in Dubai. You will be able to grab the international audience, and most importantly, your brand will get international recognition.

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What is the next move in the construction sector in 2022?

Post expo 2020 construction is shifting to sustainability.

How the Dubai expo impacted the businesses?

According to a survey, 76 per cent of companies noted improvement by the start of the Expo itself.

What is the UAE GDP prediction for 2020?

The World Bank has predicted a 4.6 per cent growth in GDP.

Which business sector is UAE mostly concentrating on?

UAE is now putting efforts to improve the non-oil sector.

How is the business confidence in emirates?

After the Dubai expo, the confidence in doing business has reached the highest levels as companies began to feel the positive impact.