HR Consultancy in Dubai

Companies need organizational expertise to see to it that human resource capabilities are in line with the business objectives and strategy. No matter the size of a company, HR is a function that is inevitable since it looks after the performance and requirements of the employees. In the event of lack of a dedicated in-house HR department, a business might soon start to face people, payroll or planning issues. This is where an HR business partner comes in.

HR consultancy refers to helping a business with strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs, and practices into its working procedures. The aim is to optimize business performance related to human resources by enforcing efficient working standards, bringing about a productive workplace environment, and providing periodic feedback to the company about their performance with respect to the management objectives.

Here’s the role of HR consultancy in a business running in Dubai or the rest of the UAE.

What Role Does an HR Consultancy Play?

An HR consultancy can help you in managing the workforce of your company. It serves, inter alia, the following functions:

1. HR Policy and Process Development

Drafting the framework for employees and organizational hierarchy, to govern a company’s HR operations as per the Labour Laws in the UAE

2. Human Resource Strategy Building

Analyzing company vision and goals, and creating a customized HR solution to meet the same

3. Organizational Structuring

Planning and administering a roles-and-responsibilities model for an organization from the point of view of business growth and company sustainability

4. Payroll Processing

Instituting a system for managing the wages and compensations of the employees of a company

5. HR Auditing

Carrying out a systematic analysis of the HR department to spot key areas of improvement

6. Manpower Planning

Studying inter- and intra-industry employee strength to come up with a hiring strategy for a company to meet its business goals

Benefits of an HR Consultancy

  • When you outsource your HR operations to a job consultancy in Dubai, you are essentially freeing yourself from the organizational burden of maintaining and scaling yet another department
  • Designing one’s HR systems from scratch might be an infeasible proposition in the UAE, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, if they lack prior knowledge or experience of the same
  • A suitable HR consultancy in Dubai brings to the table considerable management experience and business expertise to guide a fledgling company through thick and thin
  • Scaling of your HR system according to the size of your company is taken care of by the outsourced HR consultancy
  • You save costs on payroll software and system maintenance of the same

Our Services

We provide the following HR consultancy services in Dubai and the rest of the UAE:

  • HR system designing
  • Employee salary benchmarking
  • Curating employment contracts
  • Payroll processing
  • Performance management
  • Learning & development
  • Organizational branding

Commitbiz tenders comprehensive HR support services in domains of hiring, payroll processing, learning & development, employee satisfaction, and associated services across all industry sectors, with our business advisors viewing HR as an integral component that binds the wholesome functioning of a business. To meet the challenges of today’s complex business environment, we make use of the best corporate recruitment strategies in building your workforce in Dubai or the rest of the UAE, keeping in mind your specific business objectives and goals in mind.

If you are looking for HR consulting services or a recruitment agency in Dubai, do contact us. We’d be happy to help.