Product Launch

What Is a Product Launch?

Product launch is the point at which an organization chooses to introduce a new product in the market. It can be a currently existing product which is in the market or a finished new creative item which the organization has made. Product launch includes different elements like understanding customer needs, item configuration, testing of the item, showcasing, publicizing, and guaranteeing that the product contacts its target audience. An effective product launch gives a business force to the organization and provides maximum sales to the company.

Why Product Launch?

People should be aware of your company and product. You need to drive the awareness by causing a stir. Tell people about your product, why they need the product and how important it is to have the product. To lay the foundation of your business, attracting customers to the product is imperative. By doing a product launch, one can achieve that.

How to Launch a New Product in the UAE?

UAE is a business hub where organizations and business visionaries from all around the globe look to set up their business with a specific end goal, to get most from conditions like the tax-exempt economy, free zones and different incentives given by UAE government. An important aspect that expat entrepreneurs can work on, for the foundation of their business in the local market, is propelling their new item for its showcasing. In the UAE, you can launch a new product by making use of a number of ways.

There are different appropriate channels of distribution of a new product in the UAE market: it may be sold in shopping malls, traditional stores, multi-brand stores, specific stores, supermarkets, exhibitions, and e-commerce. Few of them are listed below.

  • 1.Exhibition

    There are several exhibitions held every year in the UAE that provide business growth opportunities for entrepreneurs. You can launch your product in any of the exhibitions if it is related to your product after clearing the necessary requirements.

  • 2.E-Commerce

    This medium can be used for the direct selling of your product. Currently, e-commerce is successfully used in the UAE by industries related to nutrition, beauty products for women, natural beauty products, luxury products, beverages, tea, coffee, etc.

  • 3.Multi-Brand Stores

    If your product is diverse in nature, it can benefit from the footfall multi-brand stores attract. And they are present in all the big cities in and around the UAE.

Things You Should Know Before Launching a New Product in the UAE

The initial phase of a new product launch in Dubai should be having an organization. As of now, there are various renowned brands working in Dubai. These include numerous local and foreign brands. Any new product launched in Dubai competes with the brands existing in the country, along with the new brands that are entering the market every year. Along these points, it should be remembered that a new product launched in Dubai isn’t just a beneficial opportunity; it is also a challenge.

Before new product launches in Dubai, something essential should be checked: the uniqueness of the name. This implies that a new product launched in Dubai shouldn’t have been previously registered in the country. If there is a similar product already registered, then you won't be able to dispatch your brand in the market.

A new product launch in Dubai can be carried out in both Dubai mainland and any of the free zones in Dubai. Both these areas have their own particular standards and controls. For the most part, it is hard to dispatch an item in Dubai mainland on the off chance that it is enlisted in a free zone.

In the event that you need to launch a product in the Dubai mainland, the enlistment is likely possible through Dubai Municipality (DM). You need to give the required documents for the enlistment process.

Why Commitbiz?

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