How is Dubai Preparing for Expo 2020?

How is Dubai Preparing for Expo 2020?

The Dubai Expo 2020 has created a mammoth amount of talk and hype over the glorious festivities it promises to present to foreign tourists, industry professionals and aspiring innovators in scientific fields. The Expo has outlined several promising growth opportunities for business observing the scope and extension of which new business owners are planning to set up business in Dubai. The Expo will serve as a massive plethora for innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their business in the Arab market. The Dubai Expo 2020 will be a monumental celebration of the UAE vision 2021 which will mark the achievement of crucial goals that had been set by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai for his prestigious nation of United Arab Emirates. These goals include cultural diversity in the corporate world, preservation of Emirati heritage, and achieving sustainable development goals for securing a self-sustainable self-sufficient future for the Dubai economy and the UAE as a whole.

The Venue of the Expo – District 2020

District 2020 is a tremendous location where legacies will be submitted, and history will be made. The venue itself is a monumental achievement in the field of infrastructure flaunting automated structures and renewable energy to its architectural credentials. District 2020 is found to the south of the Dubai Investment Park. And the enthralling fact about the venue is that post the Dubai Expo 2020, the government plans to retain the location and convert it into a business park where start-ups can seek incubation, and global conglomerates can set up corporate offices. The official premiere partners of the Expo, namely Accenture and Siemens, have already booked parts of the venue for setting up their business in Dubai. District 2020 will witness the urbanization of the Dubai Expo 2020 site into a smart self-sustainable micro city-within-a-city that welcomes an innovation-driven business ecosystem while being a diverse and thriving urban community.

Logistical Plan of the Expo 2020

Marjan Faraidooni is the senior vice president of Legacy Development and Impact at Expo 2020 Dubai. She revealed that 500,000 meals would be needed at the Expo site from October 20, 2020, from its launch event to April 10, 2021, when it closes. Around 34,000 tonnes of waste and 9,000 tonnes of logistical supplies will also have to be handled on a daily basis. The details came as the Vice President said that UPS International would be the ideal partner capable of fulfilling the various logistical needs of an international event such as the Expo.

Expo 2020 Dubai signed a partnership agreement with UPS International in Dubai. This makes it the official logistical services partner for the Expo and gives it the responsibility of guaranteeing an exceptional experience for millions of visitors and participants from all over the world. UPS, which delivered 4.9 billion parcels and packages in 2016, will provide more than 27,000 square metres of storage at the Expo site, which is equivalent to four football courts, as well as a logistics team of 1,000 employees.

Marketing Plan of the Expo 2020

It is nearly mid-year 2020 and with the months quickly counting down towards the big event, the Dubai office of the international marketing agency is already hosting delegations from countries looking to get the jump on maximizing their nation's exposure from exhibiting at Expo 2020. The speciality of the marketing/branding strategy of the Expo 2020 is the brand creation that the agencies have worked on from the past few years to create a natural hype around the event. It's the forward-thinking strategic nature of some of the EU's leading embassies to be sending top marketing agencies so far in advance for the event. However, it could turn out to be a real horror show for some of the hundreds of nations and organizations when Halloween 2020 arrives, and they realize that they do not have a lucrative communications strategy in place. Therefore, the entire city's many marketing and media machines are already running at full capacity. The different kinds of marketing strategies being used to promote the juggernaut event are –

  • Omnichannel Social Media Marketing globally
  • Press Conferences in the UAE
  • PR+ in partner nations
  • Neo Search Engine Optimization
  • Online advertising in the UAE
  • Television broadcast globally
  • Content Marketing through various consultancies
  • Influencer marketing from tourism-friendly nations

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What was the theme of Dubai expo 2020?

Connecting minds and creating a future and the subcategories of the theme are Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity.

How much it costed to develop the expo site?

A total of $7 billion.

What is Dubai south?

This is the city built for the expo 2020 that has landmark destinations and world-class infrastructure for global attraction.

What were the developments Dubai focused on for its expo?

The city revamped its airport, developed the metro, built a highway to the expo, focuses on city renovation etc. 

How many countries participated in the expo Dubai hosted?

192 countries.