Housemaid Visa Dubai

Living in Dubai is comfortable and relaxing only you if have a helping hand in your day-to-day chores, and this help is provided by housemaids in Dubai. Housemaid is like an additional member of the family, and getting this additional member of your family is not an easy task. Many Dubai residents are still unaware of the procedure of hiring a full-time housemaid in Dubai, and it’s a whole different story if are looking for a part-time maid in Dubai. This is because finding and hiring a home maid in Dubai is a confusing and complex procedure. To ease your chore of finding a housemaid in Dubai, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Who Can Hire?

Hiring a housemaid in Dubai requires certain criteria to be fulfilled. Every resident can apply for a maid visa in Dubai but not everyone is eligible to have a housemaid. The government of Dubai has set certain rules and regulations for hiring full-time or part-time maids in Dubai.

Rules and Regulations

  • The head of the family (sponsor, usually male) can obtain a maid’s visa in Dubai
  • His salary should not be less than AED 6,000, plus accommodation
  • The local sponsor should not be a bachelor, or else he is not eligible
  • One can sponsor housemaids in Dubai if they are from one of the following countries: India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ethiopia, Bangladesh or Indonesia
  • The individual should have 2 BHK house or flat
  • The sponsor should have a valid UAE residence visa and a minimum 30-day stay

Documents Required for a House Maid Visa in Dubai

After fulfilling the aforementioned conditions, one needs to present the following documents while applying for Housemaid visa in Dubai:

  • Salary certificate (for a government employee) or labor contract (for a private employee) of the sponsor in Arabic
  • Accommodation contract attested by Ejari, stating the minimum tenancy and 2 BHK house or flat
  • A valid residence visa stamp and photocopy of the passport of the sponsor
  • A typed application form duly filled by an authorized typing company
  • Photocopy of the maid’s passport
  • Passport photos of the maid on white background (minimum 3 required)
  • An affidavit from embassy certifying non-relationship (if the maid is from the same country)

Process to Apply for a Maid Visa in Dubai

  • The first thing is to apply for a residence visa, an Emirates ID, and a medical fitness report. Fill up the application form from an authorized typist; you can opt for either urgent or non-urgent form.
  • The next step would be taking your maid for a medical fitness test; all new maids will be screened for different tests. They shall be given 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccination, which costs an additional AED 50, followed by a booster after 1 month and one after 6 months. You will be provided with a yellow certificate as proof of all 3 doses (valid for 10 years), which will helpful while renewing your maid’s visa.

The details of the medical proofs required are as below:

Cost of Medical Fitness Certificate

  • The standard fitness test cost includes AED 260, plus AED 50 for vaccination for Hepatitis B, plus AED 20 for courier – amounting to AED 325. The standard test takes 5-7 working days to get results.
  • For collecting the results in 2 working days, the service costs AED 420 (AED 370 + AED 50 for Hepatitis B vaccination)
  • A special service (collection of results in 24 hours) costs AED 520 (AED 470 + AED 50 for Hepatitis B vaccination)
  • They also have a within 4-hour VIP service costing AED 740 (AED 690 + AED 50), but this service is only available for Al Safa and Knowledge Village employees and dependents

How to Get the Medical Fitness Results

  • Register on the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) online service or through an authorized typist office. Also, collect the Emirates ID application. You can also opt to carry out this procedure offline by going to the registration counter at the medical fitness center to pay for the package chosen.
  • The next step would be going for a blood test, X-ray and Hepatitis B vaccination.
  • After this procedure, an SMS notification will be sent to the sponsor and the results will be sent by courier.
  • While you are at the medical fitness center, you can go to the Emirates ID office and submit fingerprints and application.
  • Finally, go to the typist to apply for the residence visa.
  • After getting the residence visa application, medical fitness report, Emirates ID and stamped application, submit all the documents to the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) branch.
  • The next step is to submit all the documents. For this, you need to go to the residency section of the GDRFA and collect a token. After your number is called, submit the documents, i.e., the typed application of residency visa, attached stamped employment entry permit, your maid’s original passport and photo, sponsor’s passport copy, deposit sticker, and a salary certificate/labor contract. It is better to make a copy or note the Emirates ID application number before submitting. You must declare to the officer what salary you propose to pay your maid, as this will be entered into the contract. The officer will give you 3 printouts of the unified contract, which need to be signed by both the sponsor and maid. So it is preferable to take your housemaid along with you. Then the officer will counter-sign and return 2 copies to you (one is for the sponsor, the other for the maid), and a residence stamp valid for 1 year will then be placed in your maid’s passport. Do make a copy or note the Emirates ID application number before submitting it.
  • After this, a Domestic Worker Identity Card will be issued by the officer there itself, or, if non-urgent, it will also come by courier.
  • In order to receive the Emirates ID card and update the application display residency stamp to the typist, you can call the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) and give them the residency number.
  • To get your deposit of AED 2,000 refunded, you need to preserve the sticker given to you by the officer; the sticker is a proof of deposit. You can collect back your deposit only when your housemaid permanently leaves the country. You can also use the sticker at the time of renewal of your maid's visa in Dubai.

*Note: The sponsor is also responsible for paying the annual flight ticket and return ticket for the maid, and taking care of their basic living and accommodation expenses.

The entire procedure of hiring a housemaid in Dubai is lengthy and can get complex. We at Commitbiz help our customers ease this procedure by providing assistance in getting you a maid’s visa. We will guide you through the process and gather the required documents for you. If you are looking to hire a housemaid in Dubai, do contact us – we can simplify this chore for you!