Dubai has turned itself into an occupational hub. Be it for a business or a job, the Emirates are looked at like an opportunity and investment centre. Almost 87% of the Emirates by foreign expats. Setting up a business in UAE has been made easy and convenient in the recent years as it offers numerous free trade zones. But, living in a multi-cultural city can be pleasurable only when you have a helping hand to complete the daily chores. If you live in the Emirates and want to hire a maid or a supporter, then you must be aware of the Maid Visa, and its stamping procedure. In this article, we will cover the maid visa stamping process and how one can sponsor it. Let’s start with the meaning of visa stamping and maid visa.

What Is Visa Stamping?

Visa stamping refers to the visa stamped in an applicant’s passport, which allows an individual to officially stay in the UAE and work. It covers the date of validity and a period of stay.

What Is a Maid Visa?

A maid visa allows foreign domestic helpers to work in another nation. This visa needs to be sponsored by the employer who has the need for a domestic helper and has to get it renewed upon expiry.

Who Can Sponsor a Maid in Dubai?

According to the Government of the UAE, certain rules have been set regarding the sponsorship of maid that needs to abide by.

  • A maid’s visa can be obtained only by the head of the family (usually a male) and is regarded as the sponsor
  • Bachelors do not possess the right of sponsoring or hiring a maid
  • The sponsor’s salary shouldn’t be less than Dh 6,000
  • Maids can be sponsored only from the following countries: India, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Indonesia
  • The maid should not be less than 30 years of age
  • The minimum salary of the maid must be according to the stated wage structure of that particular country
  • A medical insurance for the maid is a mandatory

A list of necessary documents must be submitted in order to initiate the visa stamping process for maid visa. Now let’s have a look at the wage structure legislated by the UAE government.

Wage Structure as per the UAE Government

As mentioned above, a sponsor can hire a maid from 5 countries, and the wage, per month, shall be distributed as follows:

  • Indian Maids: AED 1,100
  • Filipino Maids: AED 1,400
  • Sri Lankan Maids: AED 825
  • Indonesian Maids: AED 800
  • Bangladesh Maids: AED 750

Time Duration and Cost Involved

The minimum duration to obtain a maid’s visa is 15-20 working days with an approximate cost of AED 9,000. However, the medical cost differs according to the process time and is as under:



Normal Test (5-7 working days)

Dh 325

48-hour Service (2 working days)

Dh 430

Urgent Service (24 hours)

Dh 530

Four-hour VIP Service (4 hours)

Dh 740

Emirates ID (1 year)

Dh 170

Refundable Deposit

Dh 2,000

Medical Insurance

Dh 675

Typing Charge (for Urgency)

Dh 100

Overall Stamping Fee

Dh 5,383

As mentioned above, the visa stamping process is mandatory irrespective of the visa type. Now, let’s proceed towards the Visa Stamping process for a maid’s visa in Dubai.

Procedure to Get Visa Stamping for Maid’s Visa

The application can be submitted online. The approval message and bill number will be obtained within 48 hours. If it is urgent, after receiving the approved message, the passport and the receipt can be submitted to the nearest Immigration Branch.

1. Apply in the Following Order

  • Entry Permit: Required to allow a maid to enter the UAE
  • Maid Visa Contract: It is an agreement between the sponsor and the maid wherein the details such as salary and other perks are included
  • Residence Visa: This allows the maid to legally stay in the nation for a period of 1 year
  • Maid’s Card: It serves as an identification card and is issued by the Immigration Department of Servant

2. Documents to Be Submitted for Residence Visa

  • Salary certificate of the Sponsor (for govt. employees)
  • Labour contract (for private employee)
  • Accommodation contract showing a minimum of 2-bedroom apartment with Ejari attestation
  • Typed application form from the authorized typing office
  • Sponsor’s passport
  • Copy of the maid’s passport
  • 3 passport photos of the maid
  • An affidavit from the embassy

3. Submission of Documents

  • You need to get a form filled for employment entry permit
  • Submit the necessary documents to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA)
  • Pay a refundable deposit of AED 2,000

Once you deposit the amount, you will be provided a sticker that acts as a proof of deposit. This amount can be collected only when your maid leaves the nation permanently. The sticker can also be used during the renewal process of your maid’s visa.

Step 4: Apply for a Residence Visa

All you need to do is get a complete medical fitness test and complete Emirates ID biometrics for your maid to obtain a maid’s card.

The flight charges for the maid are to be borne by the sponsor. Apart from that, the basic living and accommodation expenses are to be taken care of.

Fine, Grace Period and Refund

The grace period for the renewal of a maid’s visa and Emirates ID is 30 days from the date of visa expiry. If the sponsor fails to do so, he needs to pay Dh 25 per day for Visa and Dh 20 for ID at the typing centre.

The refund of Dh 2000 is applicable only when your maid leaves the nation permanently. It will be deposited in your bank account after the cancellation of maid visa. In case if you have deposited the refund amount 2 times during the maid visa Renewal Process, one can be refunded.

In a nutshell, we can say that hiring is a complex process and completing the process within a limited duration can turn out to be more pressurizing. So, at this point, you need to have a word with a visa consultant who could ease the process of getting a maid visa.

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