Maid Visa Cancellation

Dubai is a well-set destination for working professionals as well as business investors. The city provides numerous facilities and opportunities that attract millions of expats from every corner of the world. It offers the platform for employment ranging from an office employee to a working maid. Millions of people opt for a house-maid as it eases out their daily chores. Separate visa has to be issued for a maid which has a particular duration and also holds the flexibility of renewal. You can find the maid visa renewal process here. If you have hired a maid, and now want to cancel the maid’s visa due to certain circumstances, then you need to follow a procedure as stated by the government. This article will take you through the entire maid visa cancellation process but prior to that let’s understand about visa cancellation followed by the cancellation process in the UAE.

Visa Cancellation

Visa cancellation restricts the stay of the visa holder in a specific nation. Generally, a visa is cancelled if the holder needs to possess a different type of visa or else the stay duration reaches the expiry date. Now, in this case, a UAE maid visa cancellation process needs to be initiated wherein the Residence Visa and Maid’s Card will also be cancelled.

While terminating your domestic worker contract, you need to either transfer her visa to a new sponsor or cancel it straightforward. Once initiated, the UAE visa cancellation process can be traced online.

What is the procedure of Maid Visa Cancellation?

The Maid Visa Cancellation process can be initiated and completed from the typing centre, without heading towards the Immigration Centre. The sponsor needs to make sure the availability of certain documents. Let’s have a look.

Documents Required for Maid Visa Cancellation

The documents required for the maid visa cancellation are:

  • An application form typed in Vision form from the typing centre
  • The maid’s original passport and Emirates ID
  • Copy of sponsor’s passport and Emirates ID
  • A cancellation fee of Dh 60

The above documents must be kept ready in order to initiate the transfer as well as the cancellation process.

UAE Maid Visa Transfer Process

In order to transfer your maid’s visa to a new sponsor, you need to assist the transfer process and follow these steps:

  1. Collect the new sponsor’s contact details
  2. A visa transfer form must be completed at any typing centre in presence of the new sponsor
  3. This document needs to be submitted to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) office along with the maid’s passport photo
  4. Submit a proof of the new sponsor’s income needs
  5. Submit the maid’s labour card along with a medical certificate, and a copy of the old contract

In case, you want to cancel the maid’s visa, you must follow the below-stated process.

UAE Maid Visa Cancellation Process

The Maid Visa Cancellation process can be initiated both at the Typing Centre and Immigration Branch.

At the Typing Centre

  • The application is to be typed in Vision form and the cancellation process can take place at a Typing Centre
  • Cancellation approval will be acquired within an hour

It is to be noted that the Cancellation Stamp on Visa page is not a mandate. If you want the seal, it needs to be done at Immigration Branch.

At the Immigration Branch

  1. A visa cancellation form needs to be completed at any typing centre
  2. Entire documents shall be submitted to GDRFA’s Residency section along with the maid’s passport and labour card
  3. Two cancellation receipts will be handed over. One for the sponsor, and the other for the maid to submit to Immigration at the Dubai International Airport
  4. During the Immigration clearance procedure, the maid’s visa will get cancelled
  5. Submit the cancellation receipt to get back the deposit of Dh 2,030 from GDRFA

Note: The sponsor needs to cancel the Maid’s Visa within 30 days from the date of visa expiry. Failure to do so will result in paying a fine of Dh25 at the typing centre.

Special Case-Maid Visa Canceling Due to Sponsor’s Visa Change

If the sponsor needs to change his Visa Status due to change in employment, the dependents visa is to be cancelled before canceling the Sponsor’s Visa. In case if he wants to avoid the cancellation of dependents visa, he needs to make a deposit of Dh5000 at the Immigration Office. Once he receives the new visa, he can collect the refund amount.

The Maid Visa cancellation process in the UAE turns out to be a tedious process. Before terminating your domestic worker, you need to be clear whether the visa has to be canceled or transferred as you need to bear the cost. To ease the process, you can get in touch with a consultant who could ease your Maid’s Visa cancellation process. You can find your visa guide just below.

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