Housemaid Recruitment from Sri Lanka to the UAE

Hiring a maid is not an easy job, but is equally essential to get daily chores sorted. The need for a helping hand increases to a large extent if an individual is a working or business professional. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a crowd of multi-nationals. Professionals and business investors from all over the world prefer UAE as their investment or job-opportunity spot. The United Arab Emirates Government issues visa for domestic helpers after understanding the need for a helping hand to the individuals/family. The Government allows the inhabitants to hire a maid from different locations around the world. The Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Dubai provides services to the residents available in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras-Al-Khaimah, and Umm-Al-Quwain. In this article, we will come across the hiring process of a Sri Lankan Maid. If you are in need of a housemaid and are planning to hire one, refer to the guide below that will help you to understand the perquisites and the hiring process.

Sri Lankan Embassy, UAE

The Sri Lankan Embassy in the UAE is a platform that looks into the detail matters of international matters of Sri Lanka with other nations. If an individual wants to hire a Sri Lankan Maid, it needs to be recorded in the Sri Lankan Consulate in Dubai. The platforms keep a check on the international relations being built. Now, let’s proceed towards the pre-requisites that need to be met before initiating the process of hiring the maid.

Prerequites for Hiring a Maid from Sri Lanka

  • Bachelors can’t hire a maid. Only married couples can.
  • The Sponsor’s Salary shouldn’t be less than Dh 6,000 or Dh 5,000 + accommodation must be provided by the company
  • The mage shouldn’t be less than 23 years
  • The maids’ working hours shouldn’t exceed 12 hours
  • The medical test report is to be attached with maid visa application
  • Minimum salary of the maid should be Dh 850

Documents Required to Hire a Housemaid from Sri Lanka to the UAE

  • Typed Entry Visa Permit Application
  • Sponsor’s and spouse’s passport copies
  • Domestic worker’s passport copy
  • Employment contract
  • House rent agreement stating that it has a minimum of two bedrooms, and must be attested by Ejari online system
  • An affidavit that states there is no relation between the maid and the sponsor or his/her spouse
  • Contract form duly filled with sponsor’s signature
  • Original visa along with two copies
  • A fee of Dh 185
  • A refundable deposit of Dh 3,675, to be paid by the sponsor

Documents Required for Refund of Security Deposit

  • Application for refund of deposit
  • Copy of the maid’s passport along with departure stamp
  • Copy of employment contract
  • Cash receipt copy
  • Visa cancellation receipt issued at the Immigration Centre
  • Copy of return air ticket
  • A signed letter by the employee stating that there are no dues from the employer

All the above-mentioned essentials are to be submitted in order to hire a maid from Sri Lanka. Now, if the maid is available on a Tourist or Visit Visa, the status needs to be changed. Moving ahead, let’s have a look at the cost involved.

Cost Involved in the Recruitment Process

Recruiting a Sri Lankan Maid involves the following costs:



Attestation of Labour Contract at the Immigration Centre

Dh 120

Annual fee at immigration

Dh 5,360

Security deposit after approval

Dh 2,020

File opening fee

Dh 220

Affidavit fee at the Sri Lankan Consulate

Dh 110

If the maid is on visit visa, to change the status

Dh 1,230

Issue visa inside the country

Dh 680

Status amendment

Dh 550

Security deposit at Sri Lankan Consulate

Dh 3,675

Thus, you have got a clear idea and are now aware of the process of hiring a maid from Sri Lanka. It turns out to be complex when you have to deal with the entire process all alone. To get a clearer idea, you can have a word with one of the visa consultants who would understand your requirements and guide you accordingly. Commitbiz is one of the top business consulting firms in the UAE which has helped multiple business entities establish their roots in multiple destinations. To ease the process of visa processing, we have taken a step forward and have come up with visa services. Our visa experts will understand your requirements and will cater to your needs accordingly. For more information, do contact us – we’d happy to assist.