Housemaid Recruitment from Philippines to the UAE

Hiring a maid is a time-consuming process. An individual can enjoy and complete the overall daily chores faster if he/she has a helping hand. Understanding the need of a domestic helper, the United Arab Emirates issues a visa for the same from various nations. If you are a working professional or an owner of any business, and if planning to hire a Filipino Maid, the following guide can help you in knowing the essentials. Let’s start…

Conditions for Hiring a Filipino Maid

Certain conditions have been set that needs to be abided by the Sponsor. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Bachelors can’t hire maids. Only married couples are eligible to hire one.
  • If a family needs more than one maid, the DGDRFA possesses the right to decide depending on the size of the family, income levels, etc.
  • The Sponsor’s salary should not be less than Dh6000 or Dh5000 and accommodation must be provided by the company.
  • An annual fee of Dh5360 shall be paid at the Immigration Centre. Typing charges extra.
  • A Security Deposit of Dh2020 needs to be paid at the Immigration Centre. This amount will be refunded back once the maid leaves the nation permanently.
  • The Maid’s age should not be less than 23 and salary shouldn’t be less than Dh 1469.

Documents Required for Hiring a Filipino Maid

  • A prepaid application form can be typed from the Typing Centre
  • Maid’s Passport Copy along with one photograph with white background
  • Copy of Sponsor’s and Spouse’s Passport
  • Labor Contract/Salary Certificate
  • Copy of Electricity and Water Bill in the name of the Sponsor
  • Copy of Residence Tenancy Contract attested through online Ejari system stating the availability of at least two bedrooms in the sponsor’s premises

If the sponsor turns out to be an Investor or Partner the following documents must be submitted:

  • Copy of Contract that shows their shareholding
  • Copy of Trade License and Partner’s list
  • Bank statement of the last 6 months

Process of Recruiting a Filipino Maid in the UAE

The Philippine Missions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have stopped issuing maid visa since 2014. However, it is possible to hire a maid from the Philippine by changing their visa status from Visit/Tourist Visa to Maid Visa by taking a special permission from the Immigration Department.

  1. Submit a No Relation Certificate that states that there is no relation between the maid and the sponsor and spouse
  2. Prepare a Maid Visa Application from the Typing Centre
  3. Attach all the documents mentioned above and submit at the Immigration
  4. Labor Contract will be issued along with the Maid Visa that needs to be signed by both Maid and the Sponsor

Fee Involved in Hiring a Filipino Maid



Application Fee

Dh 310

Maid Visa Status Change

Dh 1230

Issue Visa Inside the Country

Dh 680

Status Amendment

Dh 550

Refundable Deposit

Dh 2020

File Opening Fee

Dh 220


Note: A fine of Dh 50,000 shall be imposed if an illegal maid is hired.

In a nutshell, we can say that a Filipino maid can be hired by obtaining a Philippines visa from Dubai. The procedure can be a tedious one. To ease the hiring process, all you need to do is consult a visa consultant who would smoothen the entire process for you. If you are looking for one, your visa consultant is just below.

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