House Maid Recruitment from Nepal to UAE

The Emirates acts as a professional platform for different masses. On one hand, it serves as an investment centre for business investors; and on the other hand, it serves as an employment centre for working professionals. The Emirates have widened its platform and is also serving as an employment centre for people who feel comfortable working as a domestic helper. It gives a chance to the working professionals to hire a housemaid to ease their household work.  The employment option is opened to the individuals of different nationalities. If you are an employed professional in the UAE and are planning to hire a Nepali Maid, you should be aware of certain visa essentials. In this article, a detailed outline of the recruitment procedure of hiring a Nepali domestic helper has been explained. Let’s start…

What is the Process of Hiring a Nepali Maid in the UAE?

The sponsor must initiate the process of hiring a Nepali maid. To do so, they should have a clear idea regarding the documentation process and the fees that will be incurred. For safety reasons, there are certain general and special guidelines set by the UAE Government in hiring a maid. Let’s have a look at them:

General Guidelines for Hiring a Maid from Nepal in the UAE

The below-mentioned guidelines serve as a mandate that is required to be followed for hiring a Nepali maid in the UAE:

  • A bachelor can’t hire a maid. The option is opened to married couples only
  • The Sponsor Residence should contain at least two bedrooms
  • The age of the maid should be 30 years
  • Maid’s minimum salary should be Dh 900
  • Sponsor’s salary shouldn’t be less than Dh 6,000 or Dh 5,000
  • Accommodation for the maid must be provided by the company
  • No relations should exist between the maid and the sponsor or his/her spouse
  • The housemaid should have completed training of three-weeks before entering the UAE
  • A refundable security deposit of Dh 2,020 is to be made at the Immigration
  • Another security deposit of Dh 5,000 is to be made by the sponsor. It is refundable only at the time of visa transfer or cancellation of the maid visa
  • If the sponsor is an investor, copies regarding his Shareholding, Financial Security, Trade License and Partner’s List needs to be submitted

Special Guidelines

Certain special guidelines are to be followed if the maid is inside the UAE on a Visit Visa or Tourist Visa.

Visit Visa

If the Maid is inside the UAE on a visit visa, the status needs to get changed. In this case, there exists no process related to Nepal Consulate. However, the No Relationship Certificate is a must if the maid is from the same nationality as the Sponsor. This certificate is to be presented at the time of applying for an entry visa. The below-mentioned charges are incurred.



Status Change

Dh 1,230

Issue Visa inside the Country

Dh 680

Status Amendment

Dh 550

Tourist Visa

If the maid is on a tourist visa, she can easily get a visa inside the country by making a payment of Dh 680. Next, she needs to visit any neighboring country and re-enter on a Maid Visa. No Consulate related procedures take place in this scenario.

It is to be noted that different set of documents are to be presented both at the Immigration Centre as well as at the Nepal Embassy located in Abu Dhabi. Let’s have a look at these.

Documents Required for Entry Visa Application at Immigration

  • Typed Visa Permit Application from any typing centre
  • Copy of Maid’s Passport along with a photo with white background
  • Copy of Sponsor and Spouse Passport
  • A Training Certificate is necessary for Immigration Clearance
  • Employment or Labor Contract duly signed by Sponsor and Maid. It has to be attested from Immigration
  • Copy of Residence Tenancy Contract attested through Ejari online system stating the availability of two bedrooms. In case you are out of Dubai, attach the Tenancy Contract and Electricity Bill attested by Municipality
  • An affidavit must be made from the Consulate stating that no relationships exist between the Maid and the Sponsor

Once the maid visa is issued from Immigration, the following documents are to be submitted at the Nepal Embassy.

Documents Required at Nepal Embassy, Abu Dhabi

  • An Application for Attestation that mentions the demand for a domestic worker
  • Copy of Guarantee or Undertaking Letter
  • Copy of Sponsor and Spouse Passport
  • Copy of Sponsor and Spouse Emirates ID
  • Copy of Sponsor’s Marriage Certificate
  • Copy of Policy Clearance Certificate of the Sponsor
  • Copy of the Salary Certificate of the Sponsor stating that the salary is not less than Dh 10,000
  • Copy of Residence Tenancy Contract attested through Ejari online system stating the availability of 2 bedrooms
  • Original Maid’s Entry Visa along with 2 copies
  • Copy of Maid’s Passport confirming that she is above 30 years
  • Copy of Nepalese Citizen Certificate
  • Two sets of employment contract stating the basic salary shouldn’t be less than Dh 900

The sponsor should take care that once the Attestation is done, the contract and copy of visa attested are to be sent to the employee in Nepal so as to apply for a Foreign Employment Permit from the Department of Foreign Employment, Kathmandu. If the employer or sponsor turns out to be a Government/Semi-Government or a Free Zone Employee, the salary certificate will need any attestation.

Sponsoring a maid in Dubai involves a certain cost. Let’s move ahead towards the Fee Structure and Security Deposit Refund process.

Fee Involved in Sponsoring a Maid in Dubai



Typing Fee

Dh 310

Labor Contract Attestation Fee

Dh 120

Document Attestation Fee at Embassy

Dh 300

Refundable Deposit at Embassy

Dh 5,000

Refundable Deposit at Immigration

Dh 2,020

File Opening at Immigration

Dh 220

Annual Fee at Immigration

Dh 5,360

Security Deposit Refund

If for any reason, you have decided to terminate your maid or cancel her visa, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. A mail must be sent to the Embassy during the working hours mentioning her contact details. It is possible while your maid is still in the UAE
  2. A written request is to be sent to the Embassy, and the reason for repatriation needs to be stated
  3. Copy of cancellation of visa
  4. Copy of flight ticket to Nepal
  5. Exit paper
  6. The original receipt of the security deposit given by the Embassy

In a nutshell, we can say that recruiting a maid overseas can be a complex process. For working professionals, it’s an add-on to their office work. At this point, the best you can do is to have a word with a consultant who can understand your requirement, and help you in hiring a maid from Nepal in a hassle-free way. Commitbiz does exactly the same for you. We have been dealing with multiple clients across the globe in establishing their business entities. Our business services include incorporation, accounting, taxation, and legal services. Apart from focusing on the business establishment process, we have taken a step forward to relieve working professionals from tedious visa related process and have initiated visa services. Our visa experts have updated knowledge on visa processes and will help you to ease the process. For more information, do contact us – we’d be happy to assist.


Can a maid currently working in the UAE recommend another maid?

No, a housemaid working in the UAE can’t recommend another maid.

How long does it take for the attestation procedure at the Embassy?

If all the documents are submitted accordingly, it will take 1 day to complete the attestation process.