Housemaid Recruitment from Indonesia to UAE

The Emirates have been developing itself as a forum for foreign individuals who want to work as domestic workers. Maid hiring service has made it possible for working professionals to hire a maid from any part of the world. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE, in 2017, the number of workers in the region has reached almost 1.8 million. By this, we can understand that the demand for domestic workers has been increased to a great extent. If you are searching for a maid to hire, you can definitely opt for an Indonesian maid. The Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Consulate General of Indonesia in Dubai ease out the process of hiring Indonesian girls in Dubai. In 2018, the wage structure for Indonesian domestic workers has been revised. You can find it in the later part of the article. As we all know that the UAE is a strict country and always abide by its set rules and regulations, it has made certain rules and regulations that one should know before hiring a maid in the Emirates. Let’s have a look.

General Guidelines for Hiring an Indonesian Maid in the UAE

  • A Bachelor can’t hire a maid. The option is opened to married couples only
  • The Sponsor Residence should contain at least two bedrooms
  • The age of the maid should be 30 years
  • The Maximum age limit to apply for Maid Visa is 58 years
  • The Minimum Salary to be paid should not be less than Dh 800
  • Sponsor’s salary shouldn’t be less than Dh6,000 or Dh5,000 + Accommodation provided by the company
  • No relations should exist between the Maid and the Sponsor and Spouse
  • The housemaid should have completed training of three-weeks before entering the UAE
  • If the sponsor is an investor, Copies regarding his Shareholding, Financial Security, Trade License and Partner’s List needs to be submitted


  • In case anyone is found hiring an illegal maid, a fee of Dh 50,000 needs to be paid.
  • If a family wants to hire more than one maid, the special approval is required from the GDRFA that holds the right to decide based on certain parameters like the size of the family, income levels, etc.

As you have seen the generic rules to be followed, next let’s have a look at the documents that play a very important role and are mandated for any individual to survive in a foreign land.

Documents Required for Entry Visa Application at Immigration

  • Prepaid Application Form
  • Maid’s Passport Copy + One Photo with White Background
  • Copy of Sponsor’s and Spouse’s Passport
  • Medical Fitness Report
  • Labor Contract (3 Copies)
  • No Relation Certificate
  • Copy of Ejari Attestation that states the premises hold at least 2 bedrooms

All these documents are mandatory. The Sponsor, as well as the Maid, should make sure that they do possess all of them so as to clear the process in a smooth and faster. Now, let’s answer your next question.

What Is the Process of Hiring an Indonesian Maid?

The hiring process needs to be initiated from the Sponsor’s side. The sequence is stated below:

  1. Make a No Relation Certificate from the Indonesian Consulate Dubai
  2. Prepare the Maid Visa from the Typing Centre
  3. Submit all the essentials mentioned above


The Indonesian Embassy has put an end towards sending individuals to work as domestic workers in the UAE. They do continue sending them to Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Brunei. However, individuals who are inside the UAE on a Tourist or Visit Visa can change their Visa Status to become eligible to work as a domestic helper in the UAE. Moving ahead, let’s have a look at the fee involved.

Fees Involved in the Hiring Process



Annual Immigration Fee

Dh 5,360

Refundable Fee

Dh 2,020

File Opening Fee

Dh 220

Visit Visa Status Change

Dh 1,230

Issue Visa Inside the Country in case of Visit Visa

Dh 680

Status Amendment

Dh 550

Issue Visa Inside the Country in case of Tourist Visa

Dh 680


If in case, the Maid is on a Tourist Visa, she needs to exit and go to a neighboring country and then return back with the new visa issued.

As mentioned above, the new Wage Structure set is as follows.

Wage Structure as Per Experience

According to 2018 report, the Indonesian Maids have been restructured accordingly based on the work experience that they possess. This step has been taken forward so as to improve the living standard and conditions of the domestic workers. Find the wage structure below.

Experience (No. of Years)



Dh 1,400


Dh 1,600


Dh 1,800


Dh 2,000


Dh 2,200


Dh 2,400


Dh 2,600


Dh 2,800

Thus, you have got a clear idea regarding the processes and the cost involved. Now, you might be wondering how to initiate the process? Well, you don’t need to worry. The best and easiest solution that you can opt for is to have a word with a visa consultant who can help you to sort the issue in a much simpler and quicker issue. Are you wondering whom to contact? Well, we have covered your solution just below.

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