Housemaid Recruitment from India to UAE

The UAE is a home to more than 200 nationalities and the country turned up transforming itself as the home to world’s highest percentage of immigrants. Be it a professional, business, or household chore, the Emirates has been a platform for all the purposes. Getting busy in the day-to-day work can get tiring and a helping hand at home can actually reduce the workload to a great extent. As you have seen in the previous articles, Dubai has an open option for immigrants to hire maids from different regions of the world as it issues Maid Visa. According to a recent report, hundreds of housemaids visit Dubai every single month after receiving a clearance from the Indian Immigration Department. This gives a clear picture that the demand for Indian Maids in Dubai is increasing at a faster rate. If you are looking forward to hiring a maid to be your helping hand, then you can opt for an Indian Maid. This article will walk you through all the essentials that you need to know in order to hire an Indian Maid in Dubai.

General Guidelines for Hiring an Indian Maid in the UAE

The below-mentioned guidelines serve as a mandate that must be followed while hiring an Indian maid in the UAE:

  • A bachelor can’t hire a maid. The option is opened to married couples only
  • The Sponsor Residence should contain at least two bedrooms
  • The age of the maid should be 30 years
  • Maid’s minimum salary should be Dh1,100
  • Sponsor’s salary shouldn’t be less than Dh6,000 or Dh5,000 + Accommodation provided by the company
  • No relations should exist between the Maid and the Sponsor or his/her Spouse
  • The housemaid should have completed a training of three-weeks before entering UAE
  • A refundable security deposit of Dh 2020 is to be made at the Immigration
  • If the sponsor is an investor, copies regarding his Shareholding, Financial Security, Trade License and Partner’s List needs to be submitted

What Is the Process of Hiring an Indian Maid?

The process of hiring a maid is to be initiated by the Sponsor who is in need of a domestic help. Essentials are to be presented as well as necessary fees are to be borne by the Sponsor to initiate the process. All the Charges, Deposits, Courier Fee and File Opening fees are to be submitted at the typing centre while dealing with the application.

In case you receive a message from the Immigration Centre regarding any approval or status change, you need to give a visit. Once approved, a White Color Visa will be issued.

Documents Required for Entry Visa Application at Immigration

The essential part in hiring a Maid from any foreign country to the UAE is played by the documents. These are to be presented so as to clear the process and hire a maid. Mentioned below are the different documents that are to be obtained and presented at the Immigration Centre.

Documents Required to Obtain a No Relation Certificate

The No Relation Certificate certifies that there exists no relationship between the Maid and the Sponsor as well as with the Spouse. This certification is a mandate and can be obtained within an hour by submitting the following essentials:

  • Passport Copy of Maid, Sponsor and Sponsor’s Spouse
  • Affidavit Form to be filled at the Attestation Centre
  • Attestation Fee of Dh60 is to be paid

Documents Required to Obtain Maid Visa

  • Maid’s Passport Copy along with one photograph with a white background
  • Sponsor and Spouse’s Passport and Visa
  • Labor Contract that should be attested at the Immigration Department
  • Electricity and Water Bill in the name of the Sponsor
  • If the sponsor turns out to be an Investor, a copy of the contract stating the share held by the Sponsor needs to be submitted

All the above-stated documents are to be submitted at the Immigration Office along with the Refundable Fee and File Opening Fee. Once the documents are submitted and approved, the Maid will be having duration of 60 days to complete Medical and Visa Stamping process and to obtain Emirates ID.

Special Case

If the maid is inside the country on a Tourist or Visit Visa, then the following steps are to be taken:

  1. If the Maid is on a Visit Visa, she can change the Visa Status by paying a fee of Dh 510 + Typing Fee. This eases the way to proceed ahead without exiting from the Emirates
  2. In case if Maid is on a Tourist Visa, then she needs to pay an amount of Dh680 to avail the new visa. Upon receiving the visa, she should exit to a neighbor country and re-enter the Emirates with the help of the new Maid Visa. Moving ahead, we have the fee structure involved in the process

Fees for Hiring an Indian Maid in the UAE

Let’s have a look at the fees that need to be borne by the Sponsor to hire an Indian Maid in the UAE:


Fees in AED

Attestation Fee

Dh 60

Labor Contract Attestation

Dh 120

Refundable Deposit

Dh 2,020

File Opening Fee

Dh 220

Issue Visa Inside the Country

Dh 680

Emirates ID Fee for one year

Dh 170

Medical Fee(Normal- 5 Working Days)

Dh 310

Medical Fee (48 hours)

Dh 420

Medical Fee (24 hours)

Dh 520

Entry Permit

Dh 1,080

Visa Stamping

Dh 5,550

The Refundable Deposit will be returned once the Maid leaves the job and can be processed only at the Sponsor’s Bank Account. The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the Sponsor needs to be presented during the application process at the typing centre.

In a nutshell, we can say that recruiting a Maid overseas is a complex and time-taking process. Working professionals or business people need to devote a lot of time to hire a maid that gets an add-on to their office work. At this point, the best you can do is to have a word with a consultant who can understand your requirement, and help you accordingly in hiring a maid from India at a less-time and in a hassle-free way. Commitbiz does exactly the same for you. We have been dealing with multiple clients across the globe in establishing their business entities. Our business services include incorporation, accounting, taxation, and legal services. Apart from focusing on the business setup in UAE, we have taken a step forward to relief working professionals from tedious visa related process and have initiated visa services. Our visa experts’ holds updated knowledge on visa processes and will ease the process of hiring a maid. For more information, do contact us - we’d be happy to assist you.