General Trade License in UAE

Registering a business in UAE can be hard and hassle, especially if you are not familiar with the area. With new business opportunities, more businesses are emerging in the country, and for conducting most businesses in UAE, a General Trade License is required.
The package for General Trading Business starts from AED 29,000 and will ensure that all the necessary requirements are met in 1 day.

How it Works

With just three simple steps, register your business in General Trade License


Q. What is the General trading business cost in UAE?

You can start your business with a minimum of AED 29000.

Q. Can UAE general trading business be started in 1 day?

Yes, if you reach a qualified business, set up a professional.

Q. How can I start trading business in UAE?

Here are the steps to start your trading business:

  • You can manually Choose a jurisdiction
  • Select an activity
  • Pick a company name that abides by the law
  • Search for an office space
  • Clear customs
  • Carry on licensing procedures and many more

Or, you can choose the best business set-up service provider to make the process much easier.

Q. Why to start a trading business in UAE?

It is one of the significant business sectors offering varieties of opportunities and also has a huge contribution in the economic development of the country and hence would be a profitable business to start.

Q. What activities are allowed under general trading license?

It allows the business to export, import, re-export, different trade goods etc.


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