For Expo 2020, Dubai Municipality Inducts Employees

For Expo 2020, Dubai Municipality Inducts Employees

Expo 2020 is a World Expo and is to be hosted by Dubai in UAE, opening on 20 October. The leading site of Expo Dubai 2020 is planned to be four hundred and thirty-eight-hectare area, which is one thousand eighty-three acres between Abu Dhabi cities, Dubai, near Dubai's western border with Abu Dhabi.

Dubai has made substantial investments in different sectors such as real estate, economic growth, environmental avenues and public affairs.

Dubai wants to welcome the world and show that there is way more to know Dubai and UAE, and aim to expand the education and knowledge economy.

They have the world's youngest population across the globe. World Expo presents an opportunity for young people to share ideas for the future. A lasting legacy for both World Expo and UAE.

The World Expo is one of the largest and oldest international events across the world that takes place every five years, and it lasts for up to six months.

Participants include international organizations, nations, civil organizations companies. They entice millions of visitors and are characterized by a particular theme, which has to be universal responsibility. Now, Dubai Municipality inducts employees for Expo 2020 duty.

Dubai’s Framework

Dubai Municipality hosted an event to mark the induction of a fresh batch of talented national cadres from their surviving employees in the preparation of their assignment for Expo 2020. The introduction was based on the employee's keenness to gather new skills and keenness to refine their experience mentioned a senior Dubai Municipality official.

Aisha Al Hammadi’s View

Aisha Al Hammadi is the director of human resources department at Dubai Municipality said  that the opportunity for employees to participate in this important international event is because the belief of the municipality to develop and escalate the skills of its employees through the contact with the best expertise at the global level, which Expo 2020 will attract from different countries across the world and various fields."

She added further that the induction would escalate the employees to acquire more expertise. The participation will help to contribute their knowledge and to open new horizons towards success, achievement, excellence which will play a vital role in the overall development of the emirate and the development of the services which has been provided by the municipality to the customers.

Aisha Mohammad Al Mahias, the director of the national capacity building section in the human resources department of the Government of Dubai, Fatima Al Logani, the Head of Expo and Emiratisation Academy in the department of human resources and volunteers gave presentations on the assignment or secondment opportunities available at Expo 2020.

Why Invest in Dubai?

Following are the reasons why you should invest in Dubai.

Visa Rules

Purchasing a property worth at least Dh1 million now permits the investors to apply for a residency permit. In May, the country implemented a law that allows a hundred per cent foreign ownership, followed by the introduction of a ten-year residency visa for specialists and investors

Open Economy

The economy of Dubai has open. Government control and regulations of private sector activities have been kept to a minimum level. There are no direct taxes on personal income or corporate profits. Customs duties are as low as four per cent full repatriation of capital and profits is allowed. There are no foreign exchange controls, barriers.

Political stability

The UAE has political stability due to its visionary leadership that works towards development in social, cultural, environmental, political domains.


The real estate market of Dubai is one of the best regulated in the GCC with the government having various measures such as the escrow regulations, rental increase calculator, rental cap and rental dispute settlement centre.

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Are there any Dubai Municipality-related job opportunities in Metaverse?

Metaverse is working with investors & private organizations to come up with a city that’ll be a hub for the metaverse. This project is estimated to give returns of $8 Billion by 2024.

What are the initiatives by Dubai’s Municipality for making Dubai Eco-Friendly City?

The initiatives taken up for Dubai's sustainable city are -

  • Green Buildings

  • Environmental Tourism

  • Clean Energy

  • Energy Award

How can I use Dubai’s Municipality Whatsapp Service?

Dubai municipality toll-free number (& WhatsApp number) is - 800 900.

Like your normal WhatsApp, save the number & send a message to their service centre.

After their first response, you can start typing all your questions or queries.

What are the requirements for getting approval for the Dubai municipality Headquarter?

The following are the required documents -

  • Copy of your trade license

  • Building drawings & plans

  • NOC of the building/ real estate owner

  • Building site plan

  • Tenancy contract

What is the Dubai Municipality's phone number?

The contact number is - +971 4 2215555

Note : Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Dubai Expo which was to be held from October 20, 2020, to April 10, 2021, has now been postponed by a year. The event will now be held from 1 October 2021 until 31 March 2022.