External Asset Management in Dubai

To run smooth business operations, a business entity ends up making huge investments. Be it buying machinery or hiring an employee; a company needs to undergo an in-depth analysis and the incur the final cost. Now, the investment decision turns out to be challenging as well as the assets purchased are to be maintained adequately. The decision becomes more valid if an expert investigates the matter and presents its viewpoints. The United Arab Emirates is a known business platform that attracts millions of newbies as well as experienced business professionals.

The nation also demands the business organizations to have a word with External Asset Managers to get a better understanding of Asset Management, improve liquidity and grab the best investment opportunities. Once you have made up your mind of setting up a business in UAE, be it a start-up or expand an established one, it’s time for you to know about External Asset Management (EAM). Let’s dive in.

The Concept of External Asset Management (EAM) Organizations

The rising number of business entities in the global world has proportionately increased the demand for the maintenance of company assets as well as the maintenance of company wealth. Initially, this was handled by private banks, but then the concept of entrepreneurship provoked the relationship managers to take a step forward and establish EAMs. Now, you must be wondering what EAM is all about?

In short, we can say that an EAM firm acts as a catalyst that helps business entities to understand investments, handles the core business assets, provide tailor-made solutions according to the industry requirements. It is a standalone company that is independent of banks. To ensure continuous support, an External Asset Manager comes into the picture. Let’s understand who he is and how he helps.

Who is an External Asset Manager?

An asset manager can be stated as a wealth manager who provides extensive services to business clients to manage funds for individuals as well as companies. They are subject-matter experts who are known for making timely investment decisions. An asset manager helps a business to diversify the investment portfolio that ultimately helps to boost the goodwill of the company. Let’s take the next step of understanding how EAM works.

How an External Asset Manager Works?

EAMs are subject-matter experts who work according to the following model:

External Asset Manager Works

Advantages OF Availing EAM Services

When it comes to availing the EAM Services, an entrepreneur or an established person can avail the following benefits:


Solutions as per Requirements


Portfolio Diversification


Enhance Goodwill


Fix Loopholes


Highlights the Investment Opportunities


Business Model


Business Expansion


Better Clarity


Cost-Cutting & Operational Movement


Expert's Advice

Note: External Asset Managers can’t withdraw or transfer funds directly, and control remains in the hands of the business owner.

Our Offerings

Commitbiz has been one of the best business consultants in UAE who has been helping more than 1000 clients across the globe to incorporate their business entities. Moreover, we extend our helping hand to our clients for better asset management services. Our External Asset Management Services includes the following:

  • Custody Solutions and Reporting
  • Wealth and Estate Planning
  • Provide Insurance Solutions
  • Fiduciary Solutions
  • Asset Location
  • Best Execution Practice
  • Credit and Lending Solutions
  • Alternative Investments/ Hedge Funds/ Private Equity/ Real Estate
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • Foreign Exchange/ Commodities
  • Equities/Fixed Income and Mutual Funds

Our wealth advisors will understand your business requirements and cater to the needs accordingly. If you hold any doubt or want to have a word with our consultant to take your first step, do contact us-we’d be glad to assist.