Expo City Dubai Free Zone

Dubai has become the perfect destination for starting your business for its ease of doing business and prospective entrepreneurial benefits. The government has been promoting innovation and business development in the Emirate.

Dubai's vision for 2040 prioritises economic diversification, sustainable movement, and foreign investment. These reasons led to the establishment of the Expo City Dubai (ECD) Freezone.

Are you ready to explore the city of the future? This article will provide a comprehensive understanding of Dubai’s newest freezone and analyse the opportunities available to you. 

What is Dubai Expo City?

Commonly known as the Expo City Dubai, it is a smart city built with sustainability principles and focuses on boosting innovation and creativity. ECD has emerged from the legacy of Dubai Expo 2020 and offers everything from a thriving business environment to sustainable residential complexes.

Incorporating your business within the freezone can be profitable as it has many benefits. 

Benefits of Setting up a Company in Dubai Expo City

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous benefits of company formation in Expo City Dubai. Let us look at them:

  • Accessible Location

The freezone is connected to four major highways and is close to downtown Dubai. With Dubai International Airport and Dubai Metro located nearby, ECD is easily accessible.

  • Sustainability

From waste management strategies to sustainable facilities, the city promotes the health of its residents and visitors. It reduces operational costs by providing energy-efficient resources.

  • Networking Opportunities

ECD is a vibrant business hub with a diverse community. It brings together people from around the globe and allows them to learn from skilled and experienced entrepreneurs. 

  • Business Friendly Environment.

High-quality infrastructures, tax exemptions, full repatriation of capital and profits, and a duty-free environment make the city lucrative for business operations.

Types of Business Entities in Expo City Dubai Free Zone

Selecting a business structure is essential to set up your business in Dubai Expo City. The business entities available in this freezone are mentioned below:

Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)

This structure has the characteristics of a sole proprietorship and a corporation. It provides limited liability to its owners and can be registered by a single shareholder or multiple shareholders.

Free Zone Branch Office (FZB)

A company registered outside Dubai Expo City can operate within the freezone as a branch office. 

Types of Licenses Needed for Business Incorporation

Some of the licenses required for incorporating a business in the freezone are listed below.

  1. Commercial Licence

To conduct trading activities such as import-export, and buying and selling of goods, you need to obtain a commercial licence. However, you can only conduct specific businesses mentioned under the license.

  1. General Trading Licence

This license allows you to conduct commercial activities without any restriction in the categories of business conducted.

  1. Industrial Licence 

It authorises you to conduct light manufacturing activities of things like clothes, electronics, and furniture.

  1. Service Licence

Availing the license allows you to conduct service-oriented activities such as consultancy, hospitality, event management and teaching.

How to Set Up Your Business in Expo City Dubai?

For business formation, you need to follow the process put in place by the authorities. Let us look at it.

  1. Application Process

Choose a valid and unique trade name and complete the application process. Submit necessary documents such as passport and visa copies of all the owners to the relevant authorities. 

  1. Initial Approval

After submitting the documents, the authorities will review the application. It ensures that the necessary approvals are obtained and the trade name is available for initial approval.

  1. Documentation

Once your application is initially approved, you can submit the final documents according to the templates provided by the ECD. These include the Articles of Association (AoA), shareholders resolution, and specimen signatures of all the shareholders.

  1. Pay Fees

The next step involves paying the requisite fee. Once the payment is made and legal documents are signed, the authorities will carry out the final review and complete the business registration process.

  1. Lease Agreement

Once your business is registered, you must obtain the lease agreement from the authorities. It should be signed by you and an authorised representative of your enterprise. 

  1. Obtain License

The last step involves obtaining a relevant license, the registration certificate and an establishment card.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of employment visas are available in the freezone?

There are 1-year, 2-year and 5-year employment visas available in Expo City Dubai.

Do I need to pay any entry fees?

There is no entry fee. However, you need to pay a fee to avail parking facilities and enter exhibitions/pavilions.

What kind of events can I host at  Expo City Dubai free zone?

You can host corporate events such as conferences, seminars, and product launches.