Expo 2020 Dubai Finally Reveals Thematic Experience

Expo 2020 Dubai Finally Reveals Thematic Experience

Dubai Expo 2020 is a World Expo which is to be hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and it is yet to be opened on October 2020. Dubai is all set to make World Expo 2020 a spectacular and unique.

The recently created Dubai creative clusters Authority is working overnight to evolve the city into a global hub for fashion and design by 2020. It is primarily targeting fields like architecture, product and industrial design, interior design, digital and graphic design and fashion design.

Lately, Expo 2020, Dubai reveals thematic experience, which is arranged for sustainability pavilion.

Terra is the very first thematic experience to be disclosed by Expo 2020 with all the opportunity and the strength to follow.

Expo 2020 Dubai Discloses the Thematic Experience

A touching journey that tells the captivating story of humankind’s relationship with nature and our impact over it and it awaits millions of visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai's Sustainability Pavilion.

Terra is the very first thematic experience and is to be disclosed by Expo 2020. The other two significant sub-themes are Mobility and opportunity.

Post-Expo 2020, Terra will become a science and children centre in the District 2020. The new city that will evolve from the Expo site. Terra will focus the urgency of addressing the environmental impacts which are negative caused in large part by the human behaviour through experience and is designed to empower visitors to understand their impact on the environment become agents of change. Terra, which means Home Earth will bring to life, the UAE and Expo 2020 commitment and to its sustainability acting as a catalyst for a change in UAE, globally and regionally.

Sustainability is one of the significant subthemes and the six-month event, which will serve as a platform to make some change, solutions and explore new ideas that will encourage us to collaborate to save the planet.

The city is preparing for expo 2020 in a rapid speed.

John Bull’s View

John Bull, the director of Sustainability Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai said on this matter that "Humankind has had an enormous impact on the world and Expo 2020’s Terra experience is designed to reveal the magnitude of this impact in a way that is personal and inspiring.’

He also mentioned that it would be a stirring and at times emotional too, experience as visitors come face to face with individual choices. They hope it will emerge some new perspective that would inspire millions of people of all the ages to take action in their own lives, as they come together to welcome a better future.

Publicly revealed for the Earth Day, the visitor experience starts in the wadi, a dry riverbed and it says it story of Arabia reflecting that the next world expo is the very first to be held in the world of world. 

Visitors are allowed to walk in the track of mega elephants and follow the footsteps of a cheetah and discover flora and fauna of peninsula of Arab which involves the learning method of how humankind and nature can thrive in harmony.

Massive installations inspired by the iconic fairground attractions will then explain major sustainability concepts and issues. For example, a giant balance maze will need multiple people to agglomerate and to bring earth balance. Symbolising Expo 2020 theme of connecting Minds and to create future.

Visitors then reach a crossroad where their journey becomes a choice in between under the ocean and forest.

The consumption halls will set bare the magnitude of the harm caused by the choices of the consumer through installations such as Gnasher and an insatiable giant consumption-machine that ingests endless amounts of the natural resources to churn out single-use consumer products and to demonstrate how the choices depend on using earth’s bounty.

Their journey will then be flipped upside down at the Laboratory of Future Values, a comfortable space that represents solutions to all the challenges, worries and issues worries which was raised earlier.

The Terra experience calls off by asking visitors to make an individual pledge that promotes positive change. This could be very simple as eliminating back on food waste or not even using single-use plastic. The capacity for four thousand four hundred visitors per hour over one hundred seventy-three days that could be equal millions of changes that help preserve the environment.

The Expo 2020 Dubai anticipates to record twenty-five a million visits between October 20, 2020, and April 10, 2020. 

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What is the main Dubai expo 2020 theme?

Connecting Minds & Creating the Future.

How was the Dubai Expo 2020 Experience innovative?

At the expo, people from 190 countries gathered to display their talent.

You also had -

  • Robot Waiters

  • Sneak peek into the future of technology advancement through VR

  • Sustainable farming practices

  • Poem narration AI device (takes inputs from you & crafts poems on its own)

And many more.

What are the Subthemes of Expo 2020?

The subthemes are - 

  • Opportunity

  • Mobility

  • Sustainability

Which are the Top 5 Pavillions from Expo 2020?

  • The Saudi Arabia Pavilion

  • The Italian Pavilion

  • The Alif Pavilion

  • The Sustainability Pavilion

  • The United Arab Emirates Pavillion