Employment Visa Stamping

Employment Visa Stamping

Imagine your business entity to be one of the most reputed entities in the world and flourishing in all ways possible. What do you think the most important factor behind this massive success? Well, the answer is your employees. Yes, it’s the employees of your organization who have been working tirelessly and been shaping themselves as one of the important pillars on which your organization stands. A crucial component factors in during international recruiting, where people from all over the world gather with multi-cultural experience and contributes towards the development of a firm. This is one of the main reasons that the United Arab Emirates has been growing at an extremely fast pace – its openness to international recruitment.

Now, for employees to come and join the organization, it becomes very essential that they possess a visa to enter the Emirates. Being an employer, it becomes your responsibility to help them in the visa stamping process which is a gateway for an employee to enter the nation. Let’s have a look at visa stamping in UAE and its process.

Visa Stamping

Visa stamping reflects the visa stamp endorsed in an applicant’s passport. This shows the validity of an individual who has an official permit in UAE and has access to the territory covered by the visa, dates of validity, a period of stay, etc. An employment visa or job visa is validated for two years and after that, it needs to get renewed. Visa stamping in an employment visa allows an individual to work during the official permit period.

Visa Stamping Process

As mentioned above, the visa stamp on a passport is a green signal that allows an individual to enter a nation. In order to get the visa stamping Dubai, certain documents need to be submitted which would initiate the process. Let’s have a look at the UAE visa stamping procedure:

  1. The medical and Emirates ID application needs to be typed. Next, proceed with medical test and Emirates ID fingerprint
  2. Once the medical certificate is received, the Labour Contract needs to be collected by paying an amount of Dh 103 from the Tas’heel Centre

The entire process of stamping can be initiated online through the eDNRD website. This has replaced old plastic cards with e-cards. The Electronic Labour Card and Labour Contract can be printed from www.mol.gov.ae. These documents are to be submitted to the Tas’heel Service Centre within 60 days from the worker’s entry in UAE.

Documents Required for Visa Stamping

  • Original passport
  • Employment visa – either entry permit with entry stamp or change status report issued by the Immigration
  • Medical certificate
  • Emirates ID application
  • Medical insurance
  • Document of Work permit approved
  • Passport size photographs
  • Residence visa fee

Documents Required at the Consulate for Stamping

  • Original passport with a minimum validity of 6 months
  • Medical certificate
  • Visa reference paper and number issued from the UAE
  • Credit or debit card for payment of attestation fee

It is to be noted that the eye scan, fingerprint, and photo catching will take place at the consulate itself. Now, it is to be made sure that the applicant tracks the visa in order to keep a check on the visa stamping status.

Visa Stamping Status Check

The visa stamping status check is done in order to keep a track of the visa process and getting proper information regarding each level of the process. This can be done online as mentioned below:

  1. Visit https://www.ttsuaevisas.com/en-in
  2. Click on the main menu and select ‘Track Your Application’
  3. Enter the ‘Receipt Number’ on the visa online form
  4. Enter the ‘Passport Number’ and click ‘Track’

You will be able to view your visa stamping process and the current status.

As you can see, a visa stamp in passport allows the individuals to work in the Emirates. It becomes extremely important that the entire process is followed step-by-step to confirm the visa application and stamp process. Now, this turns out to be a tedious and a complex process for business organizations to deal with in order to hire the best talents from across the globe. Here’s where we come into the picture.

Commitbiz | Your Visa Helping Hand

Commitbiz since its inception has been working as a business consultant and has been dealing with multiple clients regarding business establishment process. We understand the in and out of the establishment process, and international hiring, clearing the visa services and on-boarding them makes the process even more complex. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with visa services to ease out your international hiring process. All you need to do is just hire them and leave the visa clearance part.  Few of our services include:

  • Visa stamping
  • Visa renewal
  • Visa cancellation
  • Visa tracking

Our visa experts will take care of it while you focus on hiring the best talent at an international level. To initiate the process today, do contact us – we’d be happy to assist.