Employment Visa Cancellation

International exposure is one of the eye-opening phases that every employee wants to experience. Working in a foreign country helps an individual understand the multi-cultural diversity, and learn new work techniques. To initiate this, an individual will be issued an employment visa that allows him or her to step into a foreign nation and work. Employment visa is a grant for foreign expatriates to come and work in the Emirates for a specified duration. It is a pass that allows the individual to work and earn a living. It is issued by the Ministry of Labour (MOL), and the organization or the employer takes care in getting an employment visa for the future employee.

This article will give you a comprehensive overview regarding the cancelation process of an employment visa in the UAE. Before moving ahead, let us understand what visa cancelation is all about followed by few reasons.

Visa Cancellation

Visa cancellation is a process of stopping the individual to enter the nation and earn for a living. It is the scenario where the employment status is withdrawn from an individual along with the residence visa and the Emirates ID.

A strict condition of a ban for six months will be imposed on the employment visa cancellation process if it is found that the employee hasn’t completed a duration of two years with his sponsor, and is of undergraduate level.

Reasons for Employment Visa Rejection

There might be multiple reasons for an employment visa rejection. Some of them are stated below:

  • Hand-written passports will automatically get rejected
  • Visa applicants found with a criminal offense, fraud or misconduct
  • Applicants who applied for an employment visa, but didn’t enter the country
  • Visa with typo errors
  • The photo of passport copy becomes blurred

For any other reasons, one needs to take help from the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of UAE. They will be able to state the exact cause for the cancelation. Now, let’s have a look at the different channels where the issue and cancelation of visa take place.

Online Channels

  • The e Channels portal
  • The website of the Ministry of Interior
  • The website of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)
  • The mobile apps

Offline Channels

  • Typing Centre
  • Amer Centre
  • Service Centre

Who Can Cancel Employment Visa?

The employment visa cancellation power lies in the hands of the employer since he is the person who has initiated the process of on-boarding you and issued your employment visa. The UAE visa cancellation paper needs to be submitted to the GDRFA by the employer.

UAE Visa Cancellation

You might be wondering how to cancel a UAE Visa. Visa cancellation in Dubai or any other Emirates can be done in two different ways, offline and online mode.

Online Mode

The Ministry of Labour has built up its online site that helps and eases the process of issuing and cancelation of visa. Certain documents shall be submitted after which the cancellation process will be further preceded.

Offline Mode

Here, the sponsor might have to visit any of the typing offices registered by GDRFA. The typing centre will fill the form on your behalf and will be taken towards the next step for cancellation.

Documents Required for UAE Employment Visa Cancellation

  • Original passport of the sponsored
  • Labour Card (Work Permit) copy
  • Original E-Signature Card of the Authorized Signatory
  • Trade License Copy
  • Labour Establishment Card Copy
  • Immigration Establishment Card Copy
  • Original identity card of the sponsor

The Emirates ID is not required for cancellation as it gets cancelled along with visa cancellation. Upon cancellation of UAE employment visa, the residence visa and Emirates ID are also seized.

Employment Visa Cancellation Fee

The employment visa cancellation fee includes a charge of Dh 103. The fee needs to be paid through Noqodi Wallet by the company. The company must hold a user ID and password for GDRFA online program, although this is not mandatory if processing through the Amer service. This eases the cancellation process without visiting the Immigration Centre.

Employment Visa Cancellation Procedure

The process of employment visa cancellation takes place in the following way:

  1. Labour card cancellation needs to be typed at the Tas’heel Centre and should contain company seal
  2. The employee must also sign the cancellation card
  3. Upon submitting the card at the Tas’heel Centre, the visa can be canceled online using GDRFA. Moving ahead, you will understand the online cancellation process

Ministry of Labour UAE Visa Cancellation

When an employer or a business entity makes a firm decision to cancel the employment visa of its employee, they must first approach the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation along with a visa cancelation application and letter to cancel the employee’s contract and labor card. This should be duly signed by the employee stating a confirmation that he has received all his wages before the cancelation procedure.

Now if an employee has his dependents in the UAE, then it becomes a mandate to cancel (or, alternatively, hold in the Immigration by depositing a sum of Dh 5,000) the dependent’s visa first, before employment visa cancelation. The UAE employment visa cancelation grace period is 30 days, whereas the labour card and Emirates ID cancellation grace period are 60 and 30 days within which he/she needs to clear all the proceedings. If one cancels the employment visa after the grace period, he/she needs to pay an additional amount of Dh200 for out pass along with a fine of Dh 25 per day.

How to Check UAE Visa Cancellation Status Online?

The UAE visa status can be checked online throughout the entire process starting from the issue till the cancellation. Now, UAE visa check needs to be done at every step of cancellation. For that, one needs to visit the GDRFA website.

You need to fill out the form and click ‘Submit’. Your visa status shall be displayed.

Thus, it is mandatory for any business entity or an employee to follow the visa rules in the UAE. Moreover, it becomes a hectic process to track the UAE visa cancelation status at each and every level. Effective down-sizing is beneficial for a business entity as it helps the entity to avoid unnecessary cost, and at the same time, the business entity should make sure to follow the entire process on the basis of UAE visa cancelation rules.

Are you wondering how to initiate the process for your employees? Well, the answer to your question lies below.


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