E-Trader License in Abu Dhabi

UAE is all about fostering economic activity and aims to become a thriving centre for e-commerce. The emirate has put out several schemes and programs that help people get into e-commerce retail. One such program is the license for an E-Trader. The E-Trader license was released in 2017 and aimed to help people sell their goods via the social media site that they create at home.

So, have you ever thought of starting a business from home or else have you already started a business without a license?

The e-trader license is targeted at home entrepreneurs who are selling their products through the social media platform. The E-Trader license would make selling its services and goods on social media simpler for individuals or single-owner businesses. This would also bolster the trust of consumers as they shop online. DED's announcement of an E-trade license came into limelight to crack down on fake and counterfeit products advertised on social media sites, including Instagram. The license aims to control the selling of products and services carried out in Abu Dhabi through social media.

 Types of E-trade License

  1. Professional License
  2.  Commercial license

Local Emirati can get both professional and commercial license, but, an ex-pat can get an only professional license.

Benefits of the E-Trader License

Other than the crucial part about following the law of the land, completing the license application and getting approval has lots of perks. For example, you can increase your customer connections at conferences and exhibitions, as well as attend e-trader-specific workshops and training. Think of the license as a golden ticket into Abu Dhabi’s world of e-commerce.

If you're an Emirati or GCC National, once you have your e-trader license, you immediately can start selling your products and services through online platforms. Other nationalities can start providing professional services right away. However, not all nationalities can sell commercial products online. Once you have registered using your nationality, the DED will give you the specifications about your circumstances.

Another advantage to having the e-trader license is establishing that your products and services are legit. We all know counterfeit products and companies are floating around online. That is one reason the DED wanted to make the registration process for legitimate entrepreneurs so quick and easy.

How to Apply for an E-Trader License in Abu Dhabi 

To start a business in the UAE, one must have a valid license. The procedure to obtain an E-trade license in Abu Dhabi is straightforward and simple. One can apply for the license quickly by following the steps.

Step 1: Go to the DED Trader website.

Step 2: Create a Trader account.

Step 3: Register and make payments.

Step 4: Provide information about your social media accounts when registering for the license.

Once all the necessary stepwise procedure is completed, you will get the approval for the business license within five to ten minutes.

Required Documents

  • Registration via website
  • Emirates ID
  • Reservation of your trade name
  • No ejari (tenancy contract) is required. The home address will be kept private in DED's database

Cost of  E-Trade License

The registration process for e-trader licenses costs about 1070 AED (plus AED 300, if the operation is commercial). License fees are payable up to 24 hours after the payment voucher is issued. License renewal is automatically cancelled if it is not renewed in a month from the expiry date

Time Required to Get E-Trade License

Obtaining E-Trader License takes around 3-5 working days. The license can be obtained online or else in person.

Are You Ready to Launch Your E-Trader Business in Abu Dhabi?

With the e-trade license, you can sell your goods and services within the emirate. If you wish to trade in other emirates, you must contact the relevant Department of Economic Development(DED) for that emirate and ask for approval. You may need to obtain a separate E-trader license to sell in that emirate. It is significant to remember that there are restrictions on what you can sell with an e-trader license on social media. UAE and GCC National licensed entrepreneurs can conduct business activities (i.e. sell physical products and goods) and professional activities (i.e. sell professional services) on their social media accounts. The requirements for what individuals can sell and promote on social media rely on nationality and all other ex-pats. Non-GCC ex-pats can, on a general note, sell professional services through their social media, but not physical. These may include facilities such as cleaning, repair, event management, and photography.

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