Tourist Visa

Tourism is considered one of the most fun-loving and biggest industries in the world. This vital, dynamic, and evolving industry blends natural beauty along with man-made beauty and presents a scenic beauty that attracts millions of people worldwide. One such tourist destination is the United Arab Emirates that embraces one of the most thrilling and liveliest cities in today’s present world ‘Dubai’.The city embraces multiple attractions and is considered as a hub for tourism and can be defined as a tourist magnet. The tourism industry in the Emirates contributes significantly to about 12.1% towards the annual GDP. If you want to enjoy the leisure activities in the UAE or precisely in Dubai, all you need to have is a UAE tourist visa.

A tourist visa is a convertible visa. The tourist visas to the UAE can be issued for 30 days or 90 days duration, single entry or multiple entries. A tourist visa is not extendable whereas the visit visa can extend for a maximum of 6 months. Now, let’s have a look into the tourist visa.

Types of Tourist Visa

Let’s have a look and understand the different types of the tourist visas:

1. Tourist Visa Single-Entry

Used for a one-time visit and has got a limited duration. It holds a duration of 30 days along with a validity of 60 days and is non-extendable.

2. Tourist Visa Multiple-Entry

Used for short-term multiple visits and holds a validity of 60 days and the duration of 30 days from the first visit and is non-extendable.

3. Long-Term Tourist Visa Single-Entry

Want to explore Emirates for more than 30 days? This is what you need. This visa provides a longer duration that enables the visitor enough time to come and enjoy the city with their family with a validity of 60 days and duration of 90 days.

4. Long-Term Tourist Visa Multiple-Entry

It is used for multiple entries that allow you to explore the Emirates for a longer duration and visit the spot multiple times. It is a bit costly as compared to the other types stated above and do require sponsorship.

UAE Tourist Visa Fee

The tourist visa fee needs to be paid while applying for the visa. The rates differ depending on the type of visa you hold.




96 hours

4 days of arrival

AED 200

Tourist short-term (single entry)

30 days of arrival

AED 330

Tourist short-term (multiple entries)

30 days of first entry

AED 650

Tourist long-term (single entry)

90 days from the arrival date

AED 800

Tourist long-term (multiple entries)

90 days from first entry

AED 1,750

The above stated 96-hour visa is known as the UAE transit visa. It allows the visa holder just to pass through the country, not to stay. Moreover, it is possible to apply for a Tourist visa for 30 days (non-extendable) through a licensed hotel, travel or tourism agency

Other Fees Involved in Obtaining a Tourist Visa



Medical Insurance

Dh 250

If visa needs to be changed to Employment/Residence/Investor visa along with typing charge

Dh 680 + 510

UAE Visa Process

The UAE visa process gets completed upon submitting the essentials. Let’s have a look at the documents required.

Documents Required for Dubai Tourist Visa

Documents for Dubai Tourist Visa need to be matched to UAE Visa requirements. These include:

  • Passport copy valid for a minimum period of 6 months
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel itinerary
  • Proof of family relationship
  • Copy of confirmed flight booking
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Visa fee and form duly filed
  • For frequent travelers, entry and exit stamp of passport for last one year

The same documents suffice the purpose of UAE visit visa. Be it for UAE visit visa, Dubai transit visa, or any other type of Dubai visa, the Government of Emirates has initiated the online process that enables one to obtain the visa at a faster pace.

Checking Visa Validity in UAE

Now you must be wondering how to check UAE tourist visa validity? Well, the UAE Government offers both online and offline facilities to track and keep a check on the visa validity. The Dubai visa status check can be done either by online or with the help of passport number.

Fine for Overstay

For the first day, a fine of Dh 200, and for every other consecutive day, a fine of Dh 100 has to be paid at the Immigration Centre or Airport at the time of exit.

Note: If the applicant is on a tourist visa, an employment visa will not be issued in Sharjah. One needs to exit first and re-enter with the new visa.

Thus, you have seen that the tourism industry has boomed the Emirates growth to a great extent. The nation turns out to be a great platform for both tourists and business entrepreneurs who want to establish their tourist business. If you want to visit UAE for a leisure purpose or even for setting up your business, you need to abide by the visa rules stated by the UAE law. Obtaining a long-term visa could help you identify the spot where you need to establish your business. Are you wondering how to initiate the process of obtaining your Dubai Visa? Well, at this point you need a guide who could understand your requirements and help you in obtaining your visa.


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Does an employment visa hold a multi-entry option?

Yes, but any residence holder is not allowed to stay more than 6 months out of the UAE.

Can a tourist visa for 3 months be converted into an employment visa?

Yes, a tourist visa for 3 months can be converted into an employment visa.

Can a tourist visa be changed to a work permit in Dubai?

Yes, it is possible to do the change status inside the country before the expiry of visit visa.

Who approves the work permit in Dubai?

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) approves the work permit in Dubai.