Dubai Free Zone

Incorporating a business in Dubai Free Zone can be a very lucrative and profitable option for a business. Many free zones in Dubai have a specific purpose and cater to specific industries.
If you are interested in setting up a business in one of the Dubai Free Zones, then have a look at the packages provided by Commitbiz starting from AED 12,900.

How it Works

With just three simple steps, register your business in Dubai Freezone


Q. How much is the business stratup package in Dubai Freezone?

THe package starts from AED 12,900

Q. Is it beneficial to start a business in Dubai Freezone?

Yes, as there are different freezones catering to diffrent industries, it can be very beneficial for a business.

Q. How many days does it take to complete the business setup process?

It can take upto 3 working days to complete the process.

Q. Can a foreigner start a busines in Dubai Freezone?

Yes, a foreginer can start a busienss and also own 100% of the business in the freezone.


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