Experience a retail environment that not only drives the consumers to interact with your brand, but also compels them to become your brand ambassador!

  • 47% of the executives believe that store planning and design is more critical to the retail industry in the present scenario, than it was 5 years back
  • Over 53% of the companies opened 1 - 25 new stores in 2014, and will do so in 2015 as well
  • 75% of retailers in 2014 renovated more stores than in 2013
  • 57% of the executives believe that over the next 5 years, a retail designer’s job will gain more importance

Your retail environment design, whether it's a Kiosk, office space, or a retail outlet is an extension of your brand, and directly affects its success or failure. A retail shop design should be developed with your brands' attributes in mind to ensure increased market share and client retention.

Design Customized Retail Environment and Brand Spaces

We are a leading retail design company in UAE with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London, and offers retail environment design solutions that combine innovative design style with proven retail store planning principles. Our customized solutions aim at not only meeting the shopping needs of the consumers, but enriching their shopping experience as a whole.

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We have a detailed understanding of the shoppers' needs, and strive to build strong brand equity for your retail environment by identifying key consumer strike zones, placing brand signage at strategic locations, with the objective to simplify consumer experience and deliver increased sales to the retailer. Our team has the ability to bring life to spaces and retail environments, and leverages cross-domain knowledge and proprietary tools to provide a unique visual voice to our business, workspaces and retail stores, integrating it as a strong brand proposition.

Bespoke Retail Store Design Services

Over the years, we have successfully executed several retail store design and retail shop design projects that improve the shopping experience of the customers and significantly increase the sales performance. Our solutions encompass:

  • Creating brand / customer experience zones
  • Communication strategy and application manuals
  • Designing overall retail environment
  • In store graphics for brand development
  • In-store communication development
  • Interior layout including placements for counters, display, signage, dressing rooms, sitting spaces, window fixtures, etc.
  • Merchandise planning and video & audio plans as per traffic flow analysis
  • Planning lighting and decorations in the retail area
  • Retail application guidelines
  • Retail furniture design
  • Retail technology integration
  • Selecting colours and paint finish for walls, fixtures, ceilings, flooring, etc.
  • Signage creation and placement
  • Specification and design of display fixtures and equipment
  • Storefront design creation
  • Value engineering for manufacturing
  • Visual hierarchy selection

Our solutions encompass across a wide array of retail store formats, including –

  • Store-in-store designs
  • Store-in-store designs
  • Multinational store chains
  • Flagship stores

Comprehensive Retail Store Planning and Conceptualization

We assist our clients in the following key areas of retail store planning:

  • Format Selection
    This includes location and store format selection so as to ensure that your products are delivered to the right customer
  • Site Selection
    We develop site selection criteria and assist in finalizing the ideal site for your store in proximity to your target consumers' home or work location
  • Site and Building Planning
    Once the store site is finalized, we help you make the best use of the site space by suggesting appropriate store and stockroom size, traffic flow, sales floor size, parking spaces, staff areas, office location etc.
  • Space Allocation
    We help clients identify which product categories have the potential to be the best performers, and ensure that correct space is allocated to ensure desired sales and profits
  • Store Layouts
    Product sale is largely influenced as to how your customer moves around the store and where your product falls in that decision-making hierarchy. We assist our clients select the ideal position for each product category
  • Store Concepts -
    We also provide suggestions on the overall store design, types of fixtures and furniture to be used, and the overall store environment concept

Hire Us for Innovative and Proved Retail Design Concepts

We are an established creative design agency in Dubai, and our clients trust us with retail environment design, as we follow a streamlined design process that guarantees desired outcome in predetermined timeframe.

We pay great focus on understanding the business requirements, consumer experience, and functional requirements of the space before commencing a project, so as to ensure desired ROI. Secondly, we work towards creating a unique visual brand strategy and make sure that our concepts are in sync with the proposed branding experience. After that, we refine the initial concepts (if required) by incorporating final design ideas and detailing, supervise the Prototype and finally rollout the approved retail design for the customer.

If you plan to renovate your existing retail space, or design a new one from scratch, contact us, our team will be glad to assist you.

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