Are you aware that over 70% of the consumers decide on which product to buy when they reach the store, at the point-of-sale?

The retail stores are flooded with similar products, and the consumers are inundated with different types of packaging, so it won’t be incorrect to say that your business success depends on your capability to differentiate your product from others available on the shelf. The only thing that can make your product stand out from the rest on the shelf is its packaging, be that packaging be a stylish label attached to your product, a classy bottle or a handy bag!

Innovative packaging design is undoubtedly the first thing that attracts buyers’ attention, and is the driving force behind effective branding. Therefore, it's very important to get your product packaging design right, the very first time. In short, if you want to sell your product in a marketplace, you need packaging; and if you want to sell it better, you need the best packaging design.

Why Choose Us for Package Design?

We are a well-known packaging design company with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London, offering a wide array of Creative, Advertising and Branding services to global clients. We understand that your product represents your business, and its packaging should represent its attributes and uniqueness, elevate the brand perception, and increase sales in the longer run. In short, the packaging should be lucrative enough to compel consumers to pick your product off the shelf, and fetch revenue for every single penny spent. Our creative packaging design ensures that once your product is on display, it gets noticed as a better choice and gets people talking, which further translate into increased sales.

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Our team comprises of experienced and creating marketing professionals who recognize the need to make every dollar count, and work hard to create custom packaging designs that represent your brand artistically, and get your message heard loud and clear in a tasteful and innovative manner.

Our Package Design Services

Our packaging design ideas are not just limited to creating attractive package designs, but we pay equal emphasis on the trends, aesthetics, product details, functionalities, and ergonomics to ensure that your package is distinctively recognized.

What differentiates us from other package design companies in UAE is that our package design services stay in sync with the overall branding strategy of your company, and aim at highlighting the product USPs and utility, and enhancing brand awareness. Our bespoke professional packaging design services include -

  • CD Label Design
  • Custom Product Package Design
  • Food Packaging Design
  • Industrial Product Displays
  • Name Generation
  • Point of sale Shelf-strips

Packaging Media We Leverage

We make use of an exciting range of packaging media to create awe-inspiring packaging designs, including the following:

  • Corrugated Boxes, Embossed Boxes, Flexo Boxes, Offset Boxes, Plain Boxes
  • Corrugated Cartons, Duplex Board Cartons, Folded Cartons, Multi-Color Cartons, Plain Cartons
  • Bottles, Cans, Containers, Holograms, Foils, Labels, Pouch, Tags, Stickers

Industries We Cater To

Our package design solutions find application across various industries, including –

  • FMCG
  • Chemicals
  • Computer Hardware
  • IT and Software
  • Electronic Goods
  • Health and Beauty
  • Large & Medium Sized Retail Outlets • Cosmetics

Get Aesthetic and Creative Package Design for Your Products

Packaging design has an important role in defining the trajectory of your product’s lifecycle. We are an experienced packaging design agency and has successfully launched several fresh brands, rejuvenated brands with dwindling fortunes, and infused life into the existing ones with world-class packaging design services.

We are all-in-one packaging design company having the experience to make your product competitive for the mainstream market and ensure that it scores high on functionality, creativity, design originality, and business value.

We've got the right skills and expertise to launch your product into the big zone. Contact us today for award winning packaging designs!

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